Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma forgives Prakash Mama knowing Chattu’s happy life

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Hritik whispering something in Rajjo’s ears. Rajjo calls Happu and tells that her Mama is kidnapped and she knows who kidnapped her. Happu is shocked. Rajjo says your Amma kidnapped him. Happu says Amma can’t do this, I have seen her since my childhood. He says she is like me. Rajjo says then she can do this. Happu swears that he will search her Mama even if he is in Pataal. Rajjo asks him to go to Amma’s room. Happu ends the call. Prakash Mama is drunk and asks beni where is Vimlesh? Happu asks Beni, if he is whispering this in his ears since few hours. Hritik says how can Amma kidnap Mama. Rajjo says she must have taken Beni’s help with the promise that she will get him married to Vimlesh. She asks him to take out the stick. Beni asks Mama to remember that he had eloped with a girl in his younger days. Mama couldn’t remember and hear what they said. Rajjo comes there holding the stick. Happu holds the stick and asks her to understand. Rajjo asks how dare you to kidnap my Mama. Happu says I saved him from Amma. She asks mama if she is fine? Mama says they made me drunk and didn’t give me chicken. Amma comes there and tells that she will serve him to animals. Rajjo asks her to do whatever she wants but in the morning.

In the morning, Amma slaps Prakash Mama. Mama tells that Chattu is very happy with him and asks her to talk to her via video call. Amma sees Chattu on video call and get happy seeing her modern avatar. Amma and chattu have a striking resemblance. Amma asks how are you? Chattu says I am very sad and want to die, want to jump off from the mountain. She says you want to hear this, but I will not say this as I am so so happy. She says I don’t have age else I would have danced and showed you. Amma is surprised and says our lawn is still broken. Chattu says you have broken it with neighbor’s head. She asks her to forgive Prakash. Amma says atleast you had told our parents. Chattu says they would not have agreed. She asks her to forgive Prakash. Amma says she will forgive him, he is bahu’s mama ji and she is like her daughter, she will feel bad if I don’t forgive him. Happu says even I feel bad. Amma slaps him and tells Chattu that one slap is needed. Chattu says give him a tight slap. Amma slaps him lightly and says this is pyaar ki thapki. She slaps Happu for his commentary. She asks Chattu if Prakash loves you. Chattu says he loves me so much and even now asks me to elope with him from his house.

Amma asks her to come and meet her. She asks did you forget our water. Chattu tells her about jija ji (Dada ji) holding her thinking her to be her and says naughty boy. Prakash says I have settled the scores and asks Kattu (Amma) that he held her from behind thinking her to be Chattu. Dada ji looks on. Amma says we will talk later and ends the call. Chattu thinks Kattu haven’t changed and is beating her son now. Amma asks Prakash to forget all the past stories. Rajjo asks beni if someone elopes with Vimlesh then? Beni says this can’t happen. Amma says if Beni makes Vimlesh elope then? Beni gets happy. Rajjo scolds him.

Kamlesh is waiting for Kat near by her house. Kat comes there with her bag. Kamlesh says Malaika will make indian sauce (chutney) out of him. He is about to start the scooter. Kat asks him to wait and says sorry. She says I don’t want…he asks don’t want to run. She asks how you guessed? He says our values don’t allow us to run. Your shame is your jewellery and you can’t throw it. Kat says I love my jewellery, if I run then I will put black mark on my father’s face. Kamlesh says we should die in a handful of water. Kat says I am happy that we are not running away and not doing anything wrong. Kamlesh says finally we understand. Malaika comes there and takes him to side and beats him badly. Kamlesh shouts and runs. Malaika runs behind him. She beats him more. Kat gets tensed. Malaika takes her inside the house.

Happu is getting ready and combs his hairs. He asks Hritik about Chamchi. Hritik says she is wearing the helmet. He asks about Chattu mausi’s kids. Happu says no. hritik asks if she wants to adopt kids. Happu says it is her problem. Hritik says I am thinking to go there. Happu asks what is the matter? Hritik says there is so much competition in this country and in the house. Happu asks who asked you to become like Malaika and Kat? Hritik says I don’t want to become like them and says your earnings end till you come to me. happu asks him to run. He asks shall I run away to Bangladesh. Happu asks him to go out.

Precap: Amma asks Happu to drop him somewhere. Rajjo tells that she wants to have food with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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