WHAT HAPPENED? (Episode 1)

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That is spring!! The happy evening!! Because All the relatives of Mr. Naithik Singhania has come to a get together party in Singhania mansion!! Actually the reason of get together is false the true reason is to see his condition.
Mr.Naithik Singhania was seriously ill since last 12 months…He is leading a lonely life because Singhania joint family had split into nuclear families! And he became more alone and a sick person from the moment he heard the news that his dear better half Ms.Akshara Singhania’s death almost all of 12 months ago!! He had a son and a daughter Naksh Singhania and Naira Goenka!! As the name indicates Naira is married to Karthik Goenka and Naksh to Karthik goenka’s only sister Keerthi Singhania now!! Naithik had a brother Naman Singhania and he is married to Karishma singhania and daughter asset Mishti!! They had two sisters Rashmi and Nandhini who are married to Nikhil Arora and Mohit Agarwal respectively!!

So all they came to see him and make him feel better and also to give him an assurance that he is not alone and they are always there to him!! But who ever may be there to him the place of Akshara’s in his heart is irreplaceable!!
Naithik Singhania was a forceful looking gentle man, biggest business tycoon, very rich but down to earth man!! He was not born with a silver spoon but he earned a golden spoon with his hard work and in that way Akshara helped him a lot so the reason she was really very close to heart and soul but her death made him loose everything …. Naithik is not still out of the shock of her death!!

He had an heart attack once and her death was the reason for that and that heart attack is the reason for his serious and dangerous ill!! He had many servants to serve him but not his dearly wife an This poked him the most!! And obviously for any one the death news of their spouse is horrible!!
And that evening when everyone were enjoying chatting Naira came up to naithik’s bedroom to wake him up and take him Down… so that he will get relieved seeing his people!!
“Papa, wake up… everybody are waiting for you down!! Please for your people’s sake come and sleep down on the deewan if you want” Naira requested!!
But there was not at all a response given…..
“Papa, I know you are ill if come out and forget it you’ll feel better!! Please your princess is insisting come down!!” She requested again!!

But the same again Naithik did not uttered a single word!!
“Okay papa, I hope you slept!! Okay take rest may be some other time of this vacation I’ll definitely take you down and make you feel better” she said!
But still obviously no response…
Naira went down to the royal hall where all the people’s are waiting for naithik’s arrival but they faced disappointment!! As Naithik did not come with her!!

What happened Naira?? Why are you alone?? Where’s papa? Naksh, her brother questioned her!
Er… what to do Bhai! He is in a deep sleep! So I thought not to disturb and I came back! She replied in a great disappointment in her voice!
Oh! He is in a deep sleep or long life sleep? Uttered Rashmi, Naithik Singhania younger sister!
Everybody looked her with an irritation!
Oh shutup! Rashmi!! Warned naman!
Rashmi, Rashmi Arora is a widow as her husband mr.Nikhil Arora passed away 5 long years ago, she is really a stupid woman, with knowledge of talking According to the time, in fact she is vulgar lady!!She had a love marriage against the wish of her family and since then everybody believed that she Is a disgusting lady!! And yes she is!
And when everybody are thinking about the Bad condition of Naithik they heard a loud shout…!!
AAAAAAA!OWWEEW! From Naithik’s room

Everyone rushed there and saw a broken cup and soccer by the chief servant Meera!!

What the hellish Meera?? What the devil made you to shout like this? Everyone fused up on her!
She replied “ I think… Naithik sir…Naithik sir is dead… I’m not finding his pulse”
What?? Call the doctor immediately Keerthi insisted
And within no time doctor arrived there and stated that “Mr. Naithik Singhania is NO MORE”

Hello guys this is the first episode… in sorry it is short because I wanted to keep the suspense !! Hope you understand!!
And please do tell me how is it!!

And mention it this is not a horror story!! If you want a horror story please do me I’ll include it in another ff because I’m Damn free now!!

Thank you
This is lasya
Stay tuned!

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  1. Vinni05

    Wow amazing one
    Waiting for next one

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thank you vinni

  2. Soumya85

    Wow di it was amazing I really want a horror story as all stories are romantic here so pls do it horror and i love horror stories.I hope u will do it horrow.loved it

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks soumya! nt this one but i’ll surely plan for horroR!

  3. Vedanshidwivedi

    Wow just amazing love it

  4. Fenil

    Hey Lasiii Bff. how are u ?

    I read treasure and chppy-1 , It was amazing as always.

    Can’t wait for next.

    Waiting for your few shots wala ff also i forgot name sorry.

    Love u !!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      double thanks fenu!

      one for liking it! and second one for remembering me about few shots os ! and dont worry the name of that few shots os is [email protected] AND KAIRA

  5. Sanyuktha

    nice nice nice! waiting for episode 2

    1. Lasyashree.10

      thanks sanyuktha

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