Hamariwali Good News 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera confesses love to Mukund

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The Episode starts with Mukund receiving some papers. He asks Meera to check the papers. He asks how can Devika buy my Agra house, who is with her. He catches Adi and says you got my house sold, right, tell me. Meera asks how can you blame him. He says I know their truth, see whose sign is there as the witness, Sumitra, Adi has done this with Akki and Devika, he sold my Agra house, I have nothing left now, I just had one thing, I just had my house, they snatched it also, they didn’t leave anything, are you understanding it, we spoke of going to Agra, and see the notice has come, whose plan is it, its their plan, I will not leave Adi. Adi and Akki cry. Meera says stop, let me talk to Devika once.

Devika comes to meet Meera. Meera asks why did you do this with Mukund. Devika says I didn’t want you to leave this house and stay happy with your family, I want him to get helpless so that he gets ruined. Meera says I m your younger sister, how can you hate me, what did I do. Devika says you ruined my plan, you have given me much pain, you should also know what’s pain. She hurts Meera. Meera says if I did anything wrong, I will apologize. Devika says I m more smart and beautiful than you, but everyone liked you, you used to get all the attention intentionally. Meera says stop it, see the difference between your and my age, how can you blame me. Devika says don’t shout, the truth us, I got married, but he just took your name day and night, you were in his heart, he used to love you. Meera gets shocked. Devika says he left me because of you, my marriage broke, you ruined me. Mukund asks Adi to tell the truth. Akki says we won’t know anything. He says this can’t happen without the family’s help, where is Adi’s phone. He looks for the phone. He gets the phone. He says I will find the truth now. Akki says I m saying the truth, trust me, we don’t know anything. He goes.

Meera says if I knew this before, then I would have cleared the misunderstanding. Devika says you ruined my life, Ritvik didn’t get his dad’s love, Akki stayed away. Meera says why did you keep me if you hate me, why don’t you let me go away now. Devika says I will snatch your husband and everything, you will always be alone, like I m alone. Meera says enough, your cheap thinking is saying so, if anyone tries to separate me from Mukund, then I won’t leave that person, even if its you.

Ritvik and Navya see his childhood clothes and toys. They get emotional. She says I want our baby to be just like you, he wears these clothes and plays with these toys. He says then we have to join these toys. Mukund checks Adi’s phone. He throws it. Akki asks did you get anything, check my phone also, trust me. Mukund asks her to stop nonsense. Meera comes home. He asks where did you go. Akki says Mukund is torturing us, we are not involved in selling Agra house, he isn’t listening, look at Adi’s upset face. Meera goes to her room and gets angry recalling Devika’s words. She cries. Mukund comes. Meera says let it be. He asks what happened, tell me something, why are you sad, tell me. She hugs him. He says don’t worry. She says no one can make you away from me, I can give my life, but I won’t let anything happen to you, no one can separate us. He asks what’s the matter. She says nothing. He asks her to say. She says what do you want to hear, I love you, I fell in love with you. He gets shocked. She cries. She says I know you love Renuka, I just want a small place in your heart. He asks what are you saying, you are educated, how can you fall in love with an ordinary shop vendor like me. She says love just happens, don’t worry, I got your answer. He says stop, I think you are in pressure, if you find someone educated and suitable, you can marry him. She says I didn’t find anyone such, I just want to end the problems in your life, I can’t see you worried.

Meera says I want to fulfill marriage vows. Mukund says I will always support you. Meera says there is a surprise, we are going somewhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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