Hamariwali Good News 29th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera takes Bharat from Navya

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The Episode starts with Ritvik saying that Navya can never conceive, this clause is meaningless, I have confirmed it with the doctor, don’t worry, everything will be fine once we get Bharat’s legal custody. Mukund calls them. Meera says Devika always does things by thinking well, show me the reports. Ritvik hands over the reports. Meera checks and calls Dr. Shreya. She leaves a message. Shreya messages, I m in a seminar, I will send reports later, congrats, Navya can conceive. She smiles. She says it means Devika knew this, she is playing a big game with him, I will stop her at any cost. She goes to Devika. She asks how can you put that clause in the contract.

Devika says this time, I have let you win the game. Meera argues and asks how can you be so cruel. Devika says don’t blame me, its Navya’s wish. Meera thinks Devika wants to break Navya and Ritvik’s marriage. Devika asks Mukund and everyone to sit, they will get the process started. Everyone signs the adoption papers. Mukund says I don’t need to read it, this is happening for Navya’s betterment. Meera comes and stops them. She says Bharat is my son, I won’t give him to anyone. Mukund asks what are you saying. Meera says Bharat is my son.

The magistrate asks can’t I trust that this adoption is happening by mutual decision. Devika asks what’s happening. Mukund asks Meera not to joke, let the process happen. Meera says I have experienced a mum in me, I love Bharat a lot, I can’t stay without him, he is just my son. Navya cries. Mukund scolds Meera. He asks how can you be so selfish. Mukund says I will sign it, I m Bharat’s dad, I want him to stay with Navya and Ritvik. Meera asks him to stop.

She calls her lawyer. She asks him to hear the lawyer first. She says when Mukund and I got married, his mental state wasn’t fine, I have an equal right on Bharat. Magistrate says Meera has a total right on Bharat, she is his mum, you can’t give Bharat’s custody to anyone, this adoption can’t happen. Navya argues with Meera. She asks what happened now, when you said you will give me Bharat’s custody, you saved me from Adi and got me married to Ritvik, you are snatching the hopes from me, why.

Meera says I can’t give Bharat to you, Mukund loves him a lot, he was giving Bharat to you for Renuka’s wish, but he will break down after doing this, I have to think about him. Navya cries and sees Ritvik. She goes. Ritvik asks Meera what is she doing, if she did this, then there is some reason. He asks her why does she hurt herself and find happiness for others, why is she taking the curse and breaking relations. Mukund packs his bag. He sees the Taj mahal figure. He recalls Meera. Meera thinks how shall I say that I m doing this for Navya’s betterment. Mukund says I m leaving this house, I won’t stay here. He apologizes to Devika. He says thanks for accepting Navya as your bahu, I know you think a lot for Bharat and Navya. Navya says please don’t go. He turns to go. Meera worries.

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