Hamariwali Good News 27th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Navya is in shock

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The Episode starts with everyone hugging Navya. Sumitra pampers Navya and feeds her ghee laddoo. She takes care of Navya. She asks the ladies to dance. Sumitra also dances. Adi feels bad. Navya goes to her room. Adi says sorry, I will go and see. Renuka looks on. Sumitra asks where did Navya go, is everything fine. Renuka says she maybe tired, she got hurt. Sumitra says let her rest. She smiles and says you all don’t stop, dance. Renuka smiles.

Adi asks Navya who told Renuka about their baby plan. Navya says I m tired in this state. He asks what state. She says everyone was happy, I couldn’t enjoy, you sleep now. Renuka sees baby clothes and hugs. She says I m waiting for my grandson since long, everyone will go on their work, I will play with baby, I will talk with baby.

Adi talks to Navya’s mum. He says I m confused, everyone is preparing to welcome baby, Navya is behaving strange. Her mum says she refuses to the truth when she is in shock, she refused to believe when her dad died. He says Sumitra and Renuka aren’t listening, what shall I do. She says wait for Navya to get fine, then tell the entire truth to your parents. He says fine. He sees Navya. Wo jo tha…plays….

Its morning, Renuka makes a lots of sweets. Mukund hears her murmuring. He asks her not to throw any sweets or snacks, they will have it in breakfast. He asks her to heat the samosas and then he will have cold rasgullas. He asks her to make tea also. She looks at him.

She says he wants to have all the snacks, I will not let Navya eat any leftover food. Madhu meets Navya and says you and Adi are quick, you gave the good news, Sumitra will be happy, all the neighbor ladies would be silent now, are you not happy. Navya says I m happy. Adi looks on and thinks at least tell the truth to Madhu. Navya asks him to come. She asks Adi to give good news of job to Madhu. Adi says I got a new job. Madhu says its super lucky baby, I m so happy, congrats. Renuka calls Adi. He goes to Renuka. She asks him to feed breakfast to Navya. He says its not like you are thinking. She says I know Navya is sensible, feed her the milk, baby should be healthy. Mukund calls her out. She says we are going to Sumitra. Mukund and Renuka leave on the scooter. Mukund counts his sister’s favors. He lectures Renuka. He hits a car and shouts. She asks him to drive fast. He sees a couple falling down on the road. He goes to argue with the car owner. He scolds the rich guy. He asks the guy to come out. The guy argues and drives off. Mukund shouts at him. He asks the couple not to worry, he will call the police station.

Sumitra says you all enjoy the good news. He says be thankful to me, that Navya gave the good news. She asks what shall I say about my house, this girl got us insulted, I can’t even say it. Mukund asks what happened. Sumitra says I sent her to college, she fell into love, I wanted her to study, she went on wrong path, she didn’t love any nice guy of our caste. The girl says Dadi, love doesn’t happen seeing caste. Sumitra scolds her. Mukund asks shall I take her to Agra. Sumitra says no, she will be going to Sasural now. She shows the pic and says Alok suggested this alliance. Mukund says he looks handsome, but he looks older than Anchal. She says so what, he is from good family, he is Sanjay, he is a rich guy, his family is also nice. Mukund says then everything is fine. Renuka sees Anchal crying. Sumitra says we have to keep the marriage soon. Renuka says it will be good if you decided. She sees Anchal crying and feels bad. Sumitra says you both have to fix this alliance, don’t tell about girl’s affair to anyone. Renuka worries.

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