Hamariwali Good News 27th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Mukund calls Raghav

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The Episode starts with Renuka saying I have my Nanand’s grand daughter’s marriage going on in my house. Raghav says fine, I will come next time, what’s your husband’s name. She says Mukund Tiwari. He says fine, keep my visiting card. She goes. Raghav calls her again. Mukund turns to see. Raghav asks shall I drop you, I m glad to meet you, I will wait for your call. He leaves. She gets shocked seeing Mukund. He asks who was he. She says nothing, I go to temple, he came for social service, so we met, did your work end. He sees her keeping the visiting card. She asks shall we get the lassi for Sumitra. He says okay. She goes and thinks to talk to him. He gets the card. He gets shocked and says Dr. Raghav Sharma…. He recalls Sumitra’s words. He says so this is her temple social worker, she has lied once again. He crushes the card. She gets lassi. He says I have some work, you go home. She says I need to talk. He says just go home. She asks him to get fall for a saree. He leaves. She says what happened to him suddenly.

Adi and Navya dance. Alok and Preeti dance. Sandhya looks on angrily. She puts some marbles on the floor. Preeti falls down. She says Yash leaves toys anywhere. She sits there. Navya sprays on her foot. Preeti says Alok will not be able to dance because of me. Alok says I will help Alok, I mean I have seen all the steps. Preeti says good idea, Joji teach the steps to Sandhya. Jojo says okay, we can try. Alok and Sandhya dance. Adi feels odd seeing them.

Renuka calls Mukund. She waits for him. Sumitra says maybe he is busy in work. Renuka says I will have food with him, you also take rest now. Sumitra and Indu leave. Renuka says I want to tell him the truth. Sanjay and Alok have drinks. Sanjay says cheers to our new partnership, Navya had doubted me on seeing me with Aishwarya. Alok says I know how to calm Navya down, no one will listen to her in that house. Sanjay says yes, you will have some way out. Alok says right.

Mukund comes home. Renuka says you got late. He gets angry. He asks shall I sit in peace or leave. She asks what’s the matter. He asks shall I dance happily. She thinks he read the letter and can’t accept it. She asks did you see that saree packet. He says I don’t want to talk, you would be tired, go and sleep, let me sleep. She says fine, have food. He says you cooked food for me. He puts the food in a packet. He says put this in bag tomorrow, shall I go and sleep now. She asks what’s the matter, why are you so angry. He says leave my hand. She asks did you check saree packet. He says I gave it to Preeti, you just want to do those things. He goes.

Preeti says I wanted to dance with you, but doctor refused for it. The letter falls down. Alok reads it. He says it means Renuka and Navya planned this, Navya isn’t pregnant. Renuka calls Preeti. He keeps the letter. Renuka says Mukund has given you a saree packet, did you check it. Preeti says no, I will buy fall tomorrow. Renuka asks did you get a red paper inside. Preeti says no, there is no paper, why, what was in it. Alok thinks Renuka is worried for the letter. Renuka says it was a shopping list. Preeti says we will discuss tomorrow, good night. Renuka says I think my letter fell down.

Alok thinks I got the letter at the right time. He asks for beer. He says Navya, if you come between Sanjay’s marriage, then this letter will put brakes for you. Mukund thinks of Raghav. He sees the card again. He calls on the number and disconnects. He sits drinking. He calls again. Raghav answers call. Mukund asks are you Dr. Raghav. Raghav says yes, speaking. Mukund says I m Mukund Tiwari, Renuka’s husband.

Raghav asks how are you, I m glad that you called, I told her that I want to meet you and kids, how did you call. Mukund says I want to meet you. Raghav says of course, I will be glad. Renuka comes out of the room to see. Raghav says I have conference in morning, I can come in afternoon, we can have lunch at the hotel. Mukund asks where are you staying, fine I will meet you there. Mukund goes to sleep. Renuka goes to see his phone. She gets Raghav’s card there. She gets shocked and thinks does he know that he has seen me with Raghav. She checks number and goes to kitchen to call Raghav. She calls Raghav. She says its me, Renuka. Raghav says Mukund just called, I m meeting him tomorrow, you also come. She says no, listen to me carefully, Mukund has a wrong misunderstanding about me, make any excuse and refuse to meet him, I don’t want any problem at home. He says I understand, fine I will not meet him. She thanks him. She says delete my number.

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