Hamariwali Good News 24th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Renuka assumes a good news

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The Episode starts with Renuka waking up Navya. They prepare for the fast. They have the sargi and eat food. Renuka gives her shagun. She asks her to wear red suit. Navya asks her to wear red saree, else she won’t wear the red dress. She goes. Navya gets ready. Adi comes and hugs her. He says you may get pregnant, its been a month now. She smiles and says you are a darling, I have a Karwachauth today. He says no fast, don’t keep any fast, its for me only right. She says I have to lie to Renuka. He says we will give good news to mummy ji and also this cute lie. She says pregnancy kit is ready. He says baby is saying something, thanks mummy. He takes care of Navya and pampers her. Meri duniya tu hi re…..plays…. Mukund comes to meet Jiji and gets many sweets. She refuses to eat anything. He begs her. He asks her not to do this.

She asks why did your wife hurt my heart, take back everything, I will not forgive her. Mukund gets angry on Renuka. Mukund leaves. He comes home and shouts on Renuka. He says my jiji has gone on hunger strike, I won’t have food, she said she won’t eat anything until we give her the good news. Renuka worries. Navya says we have to do the test today. Adi says I have to get ready for the interview, better consult any doctor today, test kits are not so reliable. She says yes. She calls to get the doctor’s appointment. She says we got late, I have to go. Kusum gets the pandit home. She says his prediction is never wrong, lets see what he tells about you. The pandit says you have a son and a daughter. Renuka says yes, I have to ask about my son, Adi and Navya don’t believe in this. Pandit sees her hand and says a child is going to come in this house. Renuka smiles. She asks when. He says child is coming soon. Renuka gets happy. She sees Navya and Adi coming. He asks is this your son. Renuka says yes. Navya says we had fast yesterday, we will have light vegs today. They leave. Kusum asks is this child news certain. Pandit says yes, its fixed. Renuka gets happy.

Preeti and kids come home. Renuka says I didn’t go out because of people’s taunts, I didn’t break my fast till now, its because of your dad’s anger. Mukund comes home and shouts. Renuka asks him to talk nicely. He says you are making khoya sweets, my jiji is on hunger strike, get ready to go to jail. Renuka says I will go to jail and get peace, I was making sweets for the festive, since Sumitra tells so. They argue.

The clinic staff calls on landline for Navya’s appointment. Renuka smiles. The lady says please come on time. Renuka says my prayer is answered, now I will make sweets, I will ask Navya, no, I will wait. She waits for Navya. She gets Navya’s phone in the room. She sees the pregnancy kit. She smiles. She recalls Navya’s vomiting. She says now I can’t keep this good news to myself.

She says I will tell this good news to someone. She goes to make halwa. Adi gets the job. The man says you can join from 1st, you will get the appointment letter. Navya goes to solve a kids’ fight. The kid pushes her. Navya falls over the scooty and gets hurt. Preeti sees her and worries. Navya is taken to the hospital. Doctor checks her. Adi happily calls Navya to give good news. He gets Preeti’s message. He says she is calling me at clinic, so Navya wants to give me good news, I will also give her a good news. Doctor says injury is minor, there is no need to worry, patient had a head injury, she shouldn’t get any vomit or dizziness. Preeti says I won’t tell mummy, she will get worried. She waits for Adi. Renuka goes to Sumitra and asks her to have halwa. Sumitra says you are thinking to fool me. She asks Renuka to leave. Renuka stops Indu. She says I have stitched your blouse, talk to Jiji. Indu says no, she won’t listen to me. Indu goes. Renuka says what shall I do now.

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