Hamariwali Good News 24th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera suspects Renuka’s presence

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The Episode starts with Adi saying I was just feeding her the milk, haldi milk should be consumed warm. Navya sees Ritvik and says if you are here, then who is with Bharat, he is alone. She goes to see Bharat. Adi says she doesn’t take care of herself. Ritvik asks him to take care of Akki, he will see Navya. He gets milk and asks Navya to finish it. She asks what happened. He says you don’t react to Adi now. She says I have moved on with you, I don’t care for Adi. She finishes the milk and goes to take a shower. Its morning, everyone plays a game. Devika says I m going on a business trip, Navya would want to spend time with Ritvik, so I m going for a few days.

Meera asks did you get upset with me. Devika says no, I was worried for you, if I stay here, everyone will doubt me. Meera says please cancel it. Devika says I m giving you the responsibility, you are strong, take care. Ritvik says I will drop you. Meera says I don’t know how will I handle all this. She receives a parcel. Mukund asks what’s this. Meera shows Renuka’s pic. She says Renuka’s pic got burnt that day, I thought to get a new pic with a new frame. She thinks of the shadow. He asks are you fine. She says yes. She asks servant to fix the pic. She asks Ritvik, Adi and everyone to come along. Everyone leaves. Meera sees someone. She asks Mukund to see she has come following. Mukund asks who has come, what happened. Meera says she was just here, open the door lock. He asks what happened to you. She gets scared of the water splash. He says its just water. Meera gets down the car. She says I have just seen her.

He says there is no one. She says I would have caught her. Servant says you forgot the water bottle, I slipped and water fell there, I will get another bottle. She slaps him. Mukund asks what are you slapping him, calm down. She says sorry. Akki says what happened to Maasi. Adi says she looks like she is in another world. Meera shouts on the servant and says you have seen that ghunghat lady, right, I have seen that lady’s face today, I felt like she is …. He asks what. She says nothing, I felt like I know her, then she disappeared.

He says fine. He asks servant to go and get water. Ritvik asks Meera to relax, there is no one, we should go. She thinks I will find out. Mukund says we will stay back. Meera says I m okay, I can come along. Mukund asks her to come if she is sure. They leave. The lady is inside the house. A pigeon dropping falls on Mukund. Meera laughs. He asks Meera to do something. Meera cleans it. He says it got more spoiled.

He says I will change and come. Ritvik says don’t worry, I will take care of Meera. The lady sees the family pic. Mukund asks them to leave. He goes inside the house. The lady hides. He gets worried seeing the swing moving. He looks around. The servant comes. Mukund asks for a shirt. He goes to change. He gets a call. He speaks to Mr. Joy. Joy says you have to join an urgent meeting, Ritvik said he is going to the doctor, can you join it. Mukund says why not, when is it. Joy says in half an hour. Mukund says fine, I will be ready. He looks for some good clothes to wear for the meeting. He says I will first take a bath. The lady enters the room. He takes a bath and comes. He finds his clothes kept on the bed. He says who has kept it here, Meera would have kept it before she left, who else can do this. He gets ready.

He says who will set the meeting for me, I don’t have my laptop. He recalls Ritvik’s words. He asks servant to get Ritvik’s laptop from his room. Servant asks are you talking about this. Mukund says yes, someone has switched on the laptop and set the meeting link, did you do it. Servant asks why are you joking, I don’t know all this. Mukund asks who did this then, I understood, go. He calls Ritvik and asks where did you reach. Ritvik says we are reaching hospital. Mukund asks did Joy call you. Ritvik says yes, I told him you will handle it. Mukund asks did you guys know about it. Ritvik says yes. Meera says sorry, Mr. Mehra called on landline, I forgot to say, is there any problem. Mukund says no, you did good to set my clothes and laptop. She says I can’t do this, because you were coming with us to the hospital. He says you should take the praise, I will attend the meeting just because of you. She says but I didn’t do this, I didn’t keep your clothes or set the meeting, I don’t know who has done this. He worries. He says you are innocent, I was joking, I was missing you, so I have called you. Meera asks him not to joke like this again. He says forgive me, I won’t joke next time, take care, come back home soon. He worries. He says I should talk to her when she comes home.

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