Hamariwali Good News 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera gets agitated

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The Episode starts with Navya asking Meera is she feeling fine. Meera says yes, I feel there is something here, I know you will think I m talking silly, but I m feeling such. Ritvik says if that was the case, then we would have seen it now. Navya says you are stressed, I will make tea. Meera says no, just keep the tea box there, go and rest. Devika asks how is Meera now. Mukund says she is fine, I think she isn’t okay, we should not let her work, she is not able to forget whatever happened. She says I will keep her engaged in talks, don’t worry. He goes. Meera goes to make tea. Someone looks on. Meera thinks to ask Navya. Navya and Akki share a laugh.

Devika asks why are you guys laughing. Navya says we are choosing colour for nursery. Devika says I m happy that we are getting double good news. Adi gives the advice. Adi asks her to choose any neutral colour. He cares for Akki. Meera comes and asks for tea box. Navya says its kept on the counter. Devika says I will make tea for everyone today. Akki goes to help. Adi cares for Navya also. Ritvik looks on. Adi gives her the magazine. Navya thanks him. Adi says I will go and see, maybe my help is needed. He leaves.

Devika says tea box is here, Meera didn’t see. Akki says I m sure its happening because of stress. Meera comes. Devika says tea box was here. Meera asks how can this happen, it wasn’t here. Akki says you left the gas on. Meera says impossible, I had closed the knob myself, will I lie, this tea box wasn’t here, someone is playing a game with me, I m telling the truth, don’t you believe me. Devika says its okay, it happens, we will end the topic here. She takes Meera and says its okay to forget things. Meera says I have seen a ghunghat lady in this house, its not okay. Mukund thinks to ask the security, anyone can hide in the big house. Devika asks Meera to have tea. She says Ritvik has forgotten Meera after marriage, take her out to the icecream parlor. Meera says I don’t want to. He says I didn’t change after marriage, Meera changed. Meera says okay, come. Mukund smiles. Devika says I want to talk to you about Meera. He asks Meera to go for a drive and enjoy, he has some work. She goes.

Devika says you would think that I m worried for Meera, she had a mental breakdown at the time of our dad’s death, so much happened, I think she is in stress. Meera says I think I forgot the phone, I will just get it. She sees some shadow. Devika says now Meera is your responsibility, you have to take care of her. Mukund takes the file. Meera comes and snatches the file. She gets angry. Devika says give me the file back. Meera checks and says you think I m mad, I m making stories, I have seen all that. Devika says I worry for you, really sorry, return the file. Meera throws the file and goes. Mukund goes after her.

She asks do you think I m mad. Mukund says calm down. She asks why would I lie, tell me, do you trust me or not. She goes. Devika says what happened to Meera, is it like the old time. Meera asks why are you doing this, why do you want to prove to Mukund that I m mad. Devika says you are misunderstanding me. Meera says why is this file shown, I have seen that ghunghat lady here. Mukund tears the file papers. He says I know you aren’t mad, are you happy now, Devika is worried for you, there is nothing else, come with me.

He asks Meera to go and calm her mind. Meera argues. He shouts yes, you are mad, just a mad person can love another mad person, look at this pic, everyone is happy, just because of you, I will wish that I spend my life with you. She says you are saying this because you think I m unwell. He says I m trying to show my love, you are unwell if you can’t see my love, you should not stay here with us. She laughs seeing his acting. He laughs and says I want this smile on your face, I m telling the truth, I won’t let anyone snatch your smile, even if I have to give my life. She hugs him. He says don’t worry, I m with you always, all life, shall I go and get the icecream. She asks where did Renuka’s pic go. He says I thought to make a new pic frame, it burnt that day. She worries seeing the wind. Mukund goes and shuts the windows. He says that’s all, its just wind. He hugs her.

Its night, Akki and Navya do workout. Meera smiles and asks them to have haldi milk. Navya says I will have it after 5mins. Akki drinks the milk and goes. Adi comes there. He sees Navya and smiles. He takes the milk glass for her. Ritvik comes and looks on.

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