Hamariwali Good News 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Adi recovers and reforms

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The Episode starts with Akki asking Adi to motivate myself. The mirror falls down. She asks Adi are you fine. She says I will get something to clean this. Adi hears Navya coming. Navya talks to Ritvik on call. Adi sees her walking towards the glass pieces. He signs her. She avoids him and tries to go. He shouts no Navya. He gets up from his chair. She worries. He falls down the stairs. She shouts Adi. Ritvik asks Navya are you fine. He says Adi did something with Navya again. Navya sees the glass pieces on the floor. Meera, Devika and Akki run to Adi. They ask how did this happen. Meera asks how did the glass pieces come here. She removes the glass piece.

Akki asks her to call the doctor. She asks Navya what happened. Navya says he was trying to jump, I don’t know what happened. Adi stands on his feet. He falls back on the chair. Navya gets scared. Adi says she is saying the truth, I jumped over her, but I wanted to save her from the glass pieces, she would have fallen down, she is pregnant, she had Bharat in her arms, I just wanted to save her. Devika says I think Navya got scared, I will drop her to the room, Akki take care of Adi. Ritvik comes and asks where is Navya. Akki says she got a panic attack, Adi… Mukund comes. Ritvik says I told you, Adi did this. Mukund says I will not leave him today. Mukund and Ritvik get angry on Adi.

Akki says Adi didn’t do anything. Ritvik says he is a cheap man. Meera says Adi wasn’t attacking Navya, he was saving her. She tells everything. Ritvik says sorry, forgive me. Adi says I had hurt Navya, I had to get punished. He apologizes to Mukund. Meera says we should give Adi a chance, forgive him, how can he start a new life. Mukund holds Adi. He says I m giving a last chance on Meera’s chance, if you change, then I m with you, else forget that I m your dad. Adi holds his hand and says Papa…. Mukund holds him and blesses. Adi cries. Meera says don’t get angry and sad, we will have a party, Navya and everyone’s mood will be better.

Everyone celebrates. Adi offers help to Ritvik. Devika says decorations are nice, I m very happy today, we will forget old problems and focus on future. Adi looks for his phone. Meera says it will be somewhere. Someone takes his phone and sees Mukund’s pic. Adi says I wanted to make a video. Meera says make it from my phone. Meera hears a video playing. She goes to see. She asks who is there. The lady goes. Ritvik calls Meera out. Meera says Ritvik, there is someone there. He says there is no one, come. Meera says I didn’t get Adi’s phone. Ritvik calls. They see the phone kept there. Adi says strange. Meera says this phone wasn’t here. Mukund comes. Devika asks do you also forget like Meera. Meera smiles.

Devika asks why are you worried, did you get anxiety attack again. Mukund thinks what’s Devika saying. The lady goes to some room. Meera says everything is fine, I have no fear when you are with me. She shows rings for Adi and Akki. He says its really nice, I m happy because of you, close your eyes, come with me. He makes her wear mangalsutra. He says I want our relation to always stay the same. He hugs her. She sees someone’s shadow there and worries.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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