Hamariwali Good News 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update: Sumitra, Alok and Sanjay’s evil trap

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The Episode starts with Navya asking Sanjay to help Adi, he isn’t at fault. He removes the mask. She sees him and asks you, you did all this to trap Adi, I will not leave you. He stops her by showing Adi’s video. Adi gets beaten up in the lockup. Inspector says his state is so bad that he will even sign on the murder charge sheet. Sanjay smiles. He says you like to insult others, right, you broke my marriage and ruined my respect, you see how I disrespect you. She asks him to leave her hand.

He says you can’t prove that I did all this, Adi will go to jail, you have to do what I want, if you don’t answer me, I will go, then no one will be saving Adi. She cries. He counts. She stops him. He smiles. He says great. Renuka comes to the hotel and asks for Navya. She sees Lallan there. Lallan says yes, I have reached. Renuka thinks even Sumitra is here, don’t let anything happen to Navya. Navya asks what do you want. Sanjay says revenge, respect for respect, if you want to see Adi safe, then you have to spend the night with me. Navya gets shocked. She gets dizzy. Renuka looks for Navya. She sees Sumitra and hides. Alok says I always fulfill my promise. Sumitra says you will get the shop and also the house. Renuka thinks to expose them. Her phone falls down near Sumitra’s feet. Sanjay says you should come by your wish, I don’t like to force. He thinks the drugs are working on her. He asks Navya to come with him. He calls inspector and asks him to free Adi. Renuka sees the waiter getting Navya’s scarf to Alok.

Renuka worries. Alok says now Navya can’t show her face to Adi or anyone else. Renuka says Navya is with Sanjay. Mukund is on the way. He says what will I answer Renuka, that I couldn’t free Adi. Sumitra says its tit for tat, such thing should happen with such selfish women. Renuka gets her phone. Sumitra says now the way will be clear.

Sumitra and Alok leave. Mukund comes home. He doesn’t see Indu. He gets Renuka’s message and thinks why is she calling me at the hotel. He leaves the house. A girl sees Sanjay taking Navya with him. The guards stop Renuka from entering the private party. Renuka says my Bahu is in danger, let me go. She goes in and shows Navya’s pic to ask about her. The girl stops the guards. She helps Renuka by telling about Navya. Renuka goes out to the reception. She hears the hotel staff talking. She gets an idea. Sanjay takes Navya to his room. Navya is drunk. She says Adi. Adi gets freed. Sanjay smiles seeing Navya. Renuka sees the service room. Inspector says Adi, you got bailed. Adi asks who did it. Inspector says Satish did.

Satish says Adi you are lucky, company took the charges back, you can go anywhere. Adi asks who are you, why did you do this favor. Satish says your wife is the reason for your freedom, else you were going to stay in jail for 4-5 years, you go to office and sign the resignation at office. Adi signs on the register and leaves. He worries for Navya. Inspector calls Sanjay and says we left Adi. Sanjay says fine. He says I got your Aditya freed and kept my promise, now you also free yourself for me. Adi says how did Navya convince them to withdraw the case, where is she, why didn’t she come to take me. He calls Navya. He gets phone switched off. Sanjay gets drunk. He recalls the insult. Navya says Adi…. Sanjay gets close to her. Navya asks him to leave her. Renuka takes room service staff get up and looks for the room. Navya struggles. Sanjay molests her. Manager stops Renuka.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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