Hamariwali Good News 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera convinces Mukund

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The Episode starts with Meera fooling Mukund of the snake bite. He shouts and worries. He says I will remove the poison, but there is no wound. He pinches her and asks where did the snake bite. She says here. He says there is no mark. She smiles. He says you are acting kiddish. She says we should become kids to find solution of every problem, you won’t understand this, you have grandchildren. He asks what did you say, are you calling me old. He asks her to say why is she scared now. She says nothing, no one can win over you, shall we go now. She smiles. Tujhse itni wafa…plays… Ritvik says I don’t know why did mum call us. Navya says she still has something to say. They go to Devika. Devika shows some documents. Navya checks and says pregnancy research. Ritvik says doctor asked you to rest.

Devika says Meera has promised me that she will find a solution, I was reading about pregnancy issues and solution, we want a heir of our family, our blood. Navya says I will make juice for you. She goes. Ritvik goes after her. Adi comes. He says Navya can’t get pregnant, I got all the tests come, why do you want to waste time, you want them to get separated right. Devika says you are a big fool, do I need to tell you, Mukund’s weakness is Navya, he will get separated from Meera if anything happens to Navya. Meera feels hurt. She asks Mukund to remove his slippers and come, else he can slip. He cares for her. He recalls Renuka. Mujhe yaad hai….plays… She asks what happened, what are you thinking, is it about Renuka. He asks how do you know. She says when you come close to me, you get away, then I understand that my face has reminded you of Renuka.

She asks what did you think. He says you have to tell Devika about Akki’s pregnancy, I can’t see Navya more sad. She says I can’t tell her the truth, its not the right time. He asks when will it be the right time. She says don’t know. He slips. She holds him. She laughs. They get into a moment. Navya comes. Meera gets away. She says Mukund slipped down. Navya asks did you promise Devika that I will give her the heir, will Ritvik and I have our own child, tell me. Meera says yes. Navya gets sad and goes. Ritvik asks why did you do this, you didn’t think to talk to us, we are happy, its our personal matter, you couldn’t understand me. He goes. Mukund asks what will you do now, why do you lie. Meera says don’t know, I just do what I feel like, I don’t think, when Bharat was getting snatched from you, I married you, when Devika got a heart attack, I said yes to her, I don’t think much. He says now you have to think, you created this problem, you have to find a solution. She says fine, will you support me.

He asks what do you mean. She asks him to support her. Ritvik consoles Navya. Navya says you want me to sign these papers. Mukund says you are misunderstanding Meera. Navya says Meera gave those papers to Devika, I won’t sign on the papers. Meera says I don’t want you to undergo this, but you have to understand it.

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