Hamari Sister Didi 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Hamari Sister Didi 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita hears a sister telling on phone that the patient has gone to operation. The doctor told the inspector that the patient is in shock. The doctor told Amrita the worsening conditions, she says Babay is coming and thinks what Karan said, and she says Dr. Khurana is also coming. The young doctor says that they must look for her family to take the decision who to save in case of child and mother. Baby caressed the patient, while the doctor checks the patient. Babay stops the doctor scolding her that she must not say it again that they can save only one person.

Dimple tells Karan that she prepared Babay’s settlement papers checking her status. Amrita comes in, and says that whatever she said to him, he must have find it a mis-behaviour. She says that you are new and don’t know that Babay is experienced here and when doctors give up she doesn’t come back. She says that we have learned to be brave because of her. He says that as a chief doctor, I don’t want under-qualified staff here. He says that Babay won’t handle the case. He sends Dimple to contact the family of patient and says to Amrita that it is his order to her as a head nurse, she would say to Babay that this hospital has no place for her. Amrita comes out worried, when a sister calls her to see what Dimple has done. The nurse had stopped her out, while the doctor comes to meet her. Dimple tells him to save the patient’s life at any cost, as there must be no death in the hospital. The inspector brings the husband of patient. Payal thanks the inspector, her friend teasing the inspector. Amrita comes to the room and watches how Babay cared about the patient. She thinks why can’t anyone see that Babay has saved the case.

Amrita comes out in the corridor and gets Khushi’s call. Khushi was excited to tell her that Sooraj bought a lot of gifts. She tells her that Dadi mami sent her car to school. Amrita tells her not to tease her, she says she just enjoys the time with them.

Babay comes to tell Amrita that the family has come. She finds Amrita worried, Babay asks the reason. Amrita was crying, and tells Babay that everything will be fine. Dimple comes to her and announces to Baby that management has decided they no more want her services. She tells her to return her ID card and uniform. Malika argues how they can rusticate her without warning. Dimple says that this is Dr. Karan’s decision and as a chief doctor he has all the right to re-distribute his team. Babay asks the crying Amrita, that this is what she wanted to say; she was worried where will I go leaving this place. She asks what wrong she did. Amrita hugs her, and says they will talk somewhere else. The sisters decide to protest.

Karan comes down. He asks is this their ‘one family-unity’ moto. They argued when Amrita says that showing urgency in the matter took the situation here. She tells everyone to go to work, she will talk. Karan says that the decision has been taken. The nurses argued and says that they will complain the worker’s union. Babay asks them all to be quiet; she says that the difference in our and other hospitals is that there are no strikes. She says that I was a Dai, it made me a nurse; what else can I expect. She says that she won’t make Avinash’s smile vanish and agrees that she must go home. Amrita takes hold of her, and says that the accident patient has been taken care of Babay, she requests him to handle the situation to Babay. Karan says he can’t even let her near to the patient. Amrita says that the doctors also make mistakes, and Babay has never done anything wrong, and for future anything can happen. Karan says yes, anything can happen. He says that I am sorry, this is done.

PRECAP: Amrita says I am sorry to Babay as she heads to leave.

Update Credit to: Sona

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