Hamari Sister Didi 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At the nursing station, Malika said Dr. Dian had once again won her heart. Amrita says he didn’t do anything special. Babay tells her to calm down. Malika says that she always wants someone to make her mood too. Amrita was still angry. Babay tells her to calm down.

Sooraj tells Mrs. Kapoor that he is unwell. Khushi says that he is making up. Mrs. Kapoor says that he is really unwell. Khushi asks her to call Mama. Sooraj also asks her to tell mama. Mrs. Kapoor says she doesn’t need to tell her, but the children say that they will have to inform the teacher about his leave. Khushi leaves, while Mrs. Kapoor hugs Sooraj.

A patient with chest pain comes to the hospital. The patient wasn’t ready to take the treatment, and asked for a BP tablet. The secretary tells them to do as he wants. Karan comes for CT scan, the patient says that it will cost him so much. Amrita says that it is important. He fears that they want to increase the bills, his secretary abides by. Karan tells him to shut up, and takes the patient to OT.

Dimple was in office, thinking about Karan. She says that Karan is helping Amrita make the hospital circus. Dr Gill comes there, and introduces her to Mrs. Koshi who runs an NGO. Dr. Gill asks Dimple to send Amrita and Karan to nearby village for a new vaccination campaign.

They take the shouting patient to the bed. Amrita shouts that they must let him go, as he doesn’t trust them. They patient fears that if he dies, they may take all his money. He asks his secretary to ask them treat him. Amrita tells him to go out, else they won’t give him the injection as well. He gets quiet, they give him injection and he sleeps. Karan asks the staff to shift him to OT. His secretary is concerned about money, and asks him to give the least expensive treatment. The secretary says that it is their business as well. Karan gets angry, and asks him to tell him about the history only.

The secretary takes Karan aside, and tells Karan that he is getting threats for a few days and is hiding his property. His BP also remains high. The secretary asks him to keep this all to himself.

Malika discuss Karan with Mehr, while she was annoyed. Mehr throws the file at her. Veer takes it. Malika says she will care for him the day he will stop coming. Mehr says she doesn’t care, but looks at him.

Amrita asks Veer what he is doing. He tells her that he is on duty with Lalit. Amrita gets a call from Sooraj’s school and is shocked that he didn’t come to school.

Dr. Gill convinces Karan, but he is reluctant and says that Dr. Sharma will go.
Amrita calls Mrs. Kapoor that today was Sooraj’s test. Mrs. Kapoor says that he is burdenized, and nothing happens with one day. Amrita says he always needs an excuse on school test days. Mrs. Kapoor says that he is just like Avi, who used to bunk school but always covered his studies later. Mrs. Kapoor gives phone to Sooraj. Amrita recalls Sooraj that he would also miss the cricket match. He regretted. Amrita says that today Rocky will do the score, as her principal said the rules were simpler. Sooraj says to Amrita that he is going and will win the match today.

Veer asks Karan to leave some men. Karan says that he doesn’t think they will need it, but Veer says that he will be back meeting Lalit ji. Mehr comes to Karan with Lalit’s reports. Karan finds Veer looking for Mehr. Karan points the correct ward to him.
Babay corrects her uniform, and asks Karan for something. She follows him, and says that now she thinks he isn’t that bad even. She presents him a handkerchief, and says that she must forward the friendship hand. He says that he has heard giving a handkerchief means challenging someone for fight. Amrita comes there, and asks Babay why she is doing embroidery for Karan. He takes the handkerchief and says it is his thanksgiving. Amrita says to Babay that she has finally joined the enemy party.

PRECAP: Amrita explains to Mrs. Kapoor but she says that she would require her permission for everything now. She stopped Sooraj from going to school, but she sent him anyway.

Update Credit to: Sona

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