Hamari Sister Didi 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan points the cell phone torch, and tells Babay that the child is inverted. They send them to bring the necessary items. Amrita informs Mehr that Babay is here, so here is no problem. Inspector Veer comes there and asks what he said then. Mehr says that there is nothing such thing, why he comes to her again and again. He insists. She is frustrated, and says that why he thinks of himself as a helper to her, she doesn’t need anyone; points at him to stay away from her. Mailka hears all the things.

Amrita ties the sheets around. Karan takes her permission to check her pulse and asks Babay that only 15 to 20 minutes left. He instructs Simmi- the patient to take breaths. The ladies help them with the necessary items. Simmi asks Karan to go out, he insists that he is a doctor and has to check her pulse. He asks to rub her stomach to invert the child’s position. Babay informs Karan that it is already late, but tells Simmi that all is well. Karan turns around and is sad.

Malika comes to Veer and asks him to wait a bit. Karan calls her to tell her send an ambulance at a place Dimple knows.

The baby is born in good health. Karan laughs listening to the cries. Amrita looks at him laughing too. Babay says it is a cute girl. Karan reminds Amrita of the scissors and helps her washing them. She comes to Karan and thanks Karan. He exclaims the baby is so cute. Babay hands the baby to the mother. Amrita tells her to stop the babies now. The ambulance arrives; they send the patient into it. Babay takes Amrita and Karan along to do the cleanings as the flour, in the stores, can’t be eaten anymore. Karan stops Babay, he begins to say thanks. Babay says that she didn’t do anything for him, and know it. She is impotent, and can’t reproduce herself; but nature selected her and today she has hundreds of children. Amrita comes to hold Babay, her cell phone rings and tells her that Khushi is in the car. Karan asks Amrita if she will be ok, she says yes. Karan asks Babay to drop her home, but she says even the dogs, in her area know her.

Sooraj says he has stomach ache, while Khushi scolds him for jumping. Amrita comes home. Sooraj asks her that she went to take circus tickets, and then disappeared. She explains that she was made a fool and there were no circus. She hugs the children, while they head to watch TV. She asks Mrs. Kapoor for dinner, she says that there has been no circus in the city for years. Amrita explains, but Mrs. Kapoor says that no one will believe that she is coming from a ticket line. She doesn’t want to hear anything, and hates lies. She leaves, while Amrita consoles herself.

Amrita tells the staff about the incident. She tells them that she saw Dr. Dian- meaning Dr. Karan quiet for the first time. Karan calls that nurses aren’t allowed to talk in duty hours. He announces that he wants to introduce them to a new intern. Babay comes dressed in her uniform, and smiles. They all stood mouth-opened. Babay announces that they must do some work at times too, and goes to them. Karan says he wants to clarify, that she is just an intern and won’t get a full nurse duty. Amrita asks can they hug, if Dr. Karan doesn’t have an objection. Karan leaves smiling. They introduce her to Bobby and Vaijanti.

Dimple peeks through, and thinks what Babay is doing here. She comes to Karan and asks why he brought her here. Karan tells her that yesterday he got a lesson of life, Babay never did anything out of the world but there are some things that persisted before their books, and will remain after them. Dimple tells Karan that he is changing.

PRECAP: Malika complained that she could also have got a chance to hold Dr. Dian’s bag. Babay laughs, that they must let Amrita and Karan go along. Dimple over hears, and thinks about telling Karan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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