Hamari Sister Didi 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

amrita was worried what effect Karan will have on this hospital. She hopes it will all be fine.
Sooraj was worried why Dadi isn’t coming downstairs. Khushi begins to take him home when they see Mrs. Kapoor come at the reception ask about them. Sooraj calls Dadi mama, and she turns to look at them. He was to run towards her, but she stops her. He says that he has a plan for her, kneels down in front of her and asks her to leave her anger. Dadi mama caresses him and dances with him, he reminds her of her Aninash dancing with her the same way. She asks Khushi doesn’t she know the dance, Khushi says she knows and dances the same way. A family stops by, Mrs. Kapoor says that this is their family problem, laughing. She asks the children to go the room to eat something as she is hungry. Sooraj says that before, he has to go to washroom and run towards it.

Amrita is worried if she talked to the kids well or not. Dadi mama takes the kids into her room, while Sooraj tells her his innocent stories. Khushi calls her mama; Amrita attends the call and hears all what Dadi mama is saying to Sooraj. Khushi says that it has all been possible because of you, Amrita tells her to enjoy and begins to cry. A sister asks her what happened, she tells her that the kids are happy with their granny. She cries hard, but sister consoles her. She brings the Jalebis for everyone. They were waiting for Dr. Karan. The sister tells everyone that Sooraj and Khushi have gone to meet their Dadi, they all congratulate Amrita while Amrita is shocked to see Karan’s pic on the internet. She gets serious and tells everyone to go to work, she makes herself relax that everything will be alright.

The wardboy gives the Jalebi to Dimple telling her that sister didi sent these.
Amrita sends the Babay (older sister) home to kids. Khushi calls and tells Amrita that they are back home, dadi got them dropped home too. Amrita tells her that Babay is coming home, they must eat some food.

Amrita comes to two attendant children. They were getting bored, she tells them they do a lot of fun in this hospital. The girl was worried taking her dance-practice. Amrita tells her she teached Micheal Jackson to dance and performs his step. She does the dancing.

As she throws the draping sheet behind, it goes onto someone. The man removes the sheet and Amrita is shocked to see him. It was Karan Oberoi. She says that you were to come tomorrow morning, he says that he isn’t used to wasting time. He tells her that kids aren’t allowed in hospitals. Amrita says that their father is in ICU, their mother is looking after him so there is no one to look after the kids at home. She argues that making the family happy, the patient get well soon. Karan tells them to send these children out of the hospital.

A sister comes to tell Amrita that the patient’s heart beat is dropping. Karan goes to see him with Amrita. He is shocked to see the attendants there. Amrita sends them out. Karan observes the patient and recommends some tests. He asks her patient’s name. She stammers while saying Avinash. Karan stops to look at her, and ask Amrita are you people alright, after Avinash? She says we live among you people, the time passes.

Amrita tells the attendants, this is the new doctor in place of Dr. Gill. He tells them they will say something after the reports. Amrita takes everyone for tea.

In the kitchen, Amrita was lost in her thought, saying see Avinash, Karan Oberoi is here- your friend who didn’t want to come to a small city, then why is he here. The buttler comes to ask why is she talking to herself, she asks ‘Has Dr. Gill arrived too?’ and makes tea for him and the buttler as well. Dr. Gill was talking to Karan, he introduces Goppi- the caretaker of Chief doctor to Karan. He was the same buttler. Dr. Gill recognizes the tea has been prepared by Amrita. Karan denies that he takes coffee only. Dr. Gill says that the moto of our hospital is care before cure. Karan promises he will take care of the hospital and will try to come upto everyone’s expectations.

Karan arrives at the hospital. The sisters run to see him, while Dimple hugs him and they have a chit-chat. They heads to take hospital’s tour, when they come across Amrita.

PRECAP: Karan asks Babay that isn’t she a qualified nurse? He tells Amrita she can’t stay here as she isn’t qualified, Amrita says that she will see how Babay is sent out of here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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