Hamari Sister Didi 4th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 4th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Malika massages Mehr’s leg, she says she will take care of herself. Mailka tries to make her understand that Veer is a good man and she likes him too. Mehr says it is difficult for me. Malika asks her to take a step, Mehr asks atleast she expect Mailka to understand her well.
The children play in the garden, Mrs. Kapoor stops by; Amrita asks her to sit but she says that exercise is important too. Amrita asks Khushi for help to spread the mat, and makes Mrs. Kapoor sit. The kids heads to play, Amrita watches them and congratulate Mrs. Kapoor for her first picnic with her whole family.
Karan comes to Amrita’s house, he calls Dr. Sharma to asks where Mrs. Kapoor is as he had to get signed some papers. He calls Amrita and scolds her for not being home and taking Mrs. Kapoor out; Amrita tells him she can take care of her.
Malika is ready to leave for somewhere; Bobby comes there. Mehr asks what is he doing, she tells her he will drop her in his car to make an impression on studio.
Amrta comes to play hide and seek with children. The dodger her and leave her alone. She heads looking for them when she slips and fells on someone. It comes out to be Karan. She apologizes for losing balance, and looks for children. They come running, Sooraj asks Karan who called him here. Karan explains that he has some important work with aunty. Amrita sends them to play Frisbee.
Amrita and Karan argues about Mrs. Kapoor’s condition. She explains that she came here with kids by her own choice. Karan asks her to sign some papers. Mrs. Kapoor stops Karan for lunch. Sooraj goes to get the Frisbee, it was down into the bushes. Karan gets a call. Sooraj tries to go down the gallery to pick the Frisbee, Karan watches him.
Malika gives the audition. The director says that he will arrange a seat for her, but tries to misbehave with her. She calls Bobby inside, and hugs him telling them he is her boyfriend and is a body builder. The director recognizes him as nurse. Malika says that he always stay near her, and shouts at the other girls that this man is a flirt. She throws juice into his eyes and takes Bobby alon.
Karan holds Sooraj as he was about to fall down. He picks him up the gallery, and scolds him. Sooraj says his Frisbee is there, but Karan asks what if it has gone there. He goes down himself to get the Frisbee down the hilly area. HE then scolds Sooraj that he will complain his mummy, but Sooraj shows him attitude. Sooraj’s laces were untied. Karan ties his shoe laces.They all have lunch together.
Bobby was angry at Malika. Bobby asks why she is applying into films. She asks did she ever ask him why he became nurse. He says he failed medical test thrice.
Sooraj asks mama for chocolate spread on kheera sandwich. Amrita says it is a bad combination. The kids ask Karan to have the sandwich, but Karan says he is allergic to kheera. Mrs. Kapoor asks her to give him an apple. The kids says that an apple a day keeps a doctor away.

PRECAP: Karan asks Amrita that she make fun of everything. Amrita complains that he has problem with the people in the small cities.

Update Credit to: Sona

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