Hamari Sister Didi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Babay serves food, Amrita says she will eat later. Babay says she will make her eat like a daughter. Khushi was lost. Babay tells her not to take tension. Amrita notices Mrs. Kapoor lost, and asks her to take rest. Mrs. Kapoor says today her son’s name was called badly, his children were called as thieves. She says to Amrita that it is her mistake, she says to Khushi that she forbid her to meet that boy. Amrita stops her , but Mrs Kapoor says she never listened to her. She doesn’t have time to look after her children. Khushi says it was her mistake, she must not scold her mama. Amrita makes her quiet. Amrita says she trusts Khushi, may be if she was there she would have done the mistake. She says Khushi did as mistake not a sin. Mrs. Kapoor says this wouldn’t have happened had she not allowed her so freely, she asks to look in Khushi’s bag for a love letter. Khushi says it was nothing like that. Amrita says what to fight the others; when her own’s have defeated her. She says she will be with Khushi even if she is wrong, this is what elders are meant to do, to correct the mistakes of children. Mrs. Kapoor leaves in anger. Amrita comes near to Khushi and asks her not to worry. She asks her to lie down on bed and sleep.
Amrita stands on the terrace, worried about Mrs. Kapoor. She had called her irresponsible. She was crying when Karan comes there. He says that she always say one must do anything without fear; she must cry. She says she has cried. He says he wants to talk to her, the problem is getting bigger. She has to be prepared for anything. Amrita says she isn’t stupid, and knows there is a big fight. She knows she has been accused of stealth and drug dealing, but she is standing with her child. Karan tries to explain, but Amrita doesn’t listen. She says she is irresponsible, but she stands with her child. She says she doesn’t care about her job. He tries to explain, but she doesn’t stop talking. Karan asks her to be quiet.
She heads to leave, Karan stops her and says he was saying the problem is a big problem, they must think about it with a calm mind. She has to think as a mother right now, she isn’t irresponsible but right now she has two responsibilities; a mother’s and a nurse’s. She was crying, and nods. He cleans her tears and leaves.
Khushi wake up at midnight, she looks in the mirror that someone is approaching. The man puts a cloth around her face and takes her away.
Bobby offers Amrita to take her rounds, she says she will do it. When she comes to the room, Khushi wasn’t there. She calls Khushi, and turns when the man takes Khushi from outside the window. She comes calling her, he takes her from outside. Amrita wonders where has Khushi gone. Khushi is tied on the chair, it was Kabir’s father. He says to Khushi that his son must not be accused, she will say that she sold the medicine to Kabir as her mother didn’t pay her well. Khushi denies. Kabir’s father says what if her brother has an accident playing, as anything is possible. Her grandmother goes to gurdwar daily, what if she doesn’t return. Her mother comes to hospital, late at night; what if the brakes of her scooty fail. He asks the other man to bring Sooraj too. She can save them all, by taking Kabir’s blame on her head; that she did it all for money. Khushi shouts, Kabir’s father asks her to open her mouth and don’t tell anyone.
Khushi comes back to hospital, Amrita looks for her when she calls her. Amrita comes and asks where she was. Khushi says she was looking for her, Amrita asks what happened. Khushi watches Kabir’s father behind and says she had a bad dream, she must not leave her.
In the morning, Khushi sits in the room thinking about Sooraj being tortured by Kabir’s father. Sooraj comes there, she scolds him not to go anywhere alone. She asks about dadi mama, he says she has gone to gurdwara. She asks about mama, he says she is downstairs. He tells her, mama scolded Kabir’s papa strictly.

PRECAP: Khushi blames Amrita in front of everyone, and takes the blame on herself.

Update Credit to: Sona

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