Hamari Sister Didi 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan asks Amrita how she got the injury. She leaves, saying she fell down. He holds her from arm, and asks why she doesn’t say he pushed her badly and made her injured. Why she doesn’t complain her, about being a bad man. He says he knows she doesn’t like him, he isn’t the one who she can’t respect. Why is she doing this all. Amrita says she doesn’t hate him, she hates no body and heads to leave again. He holds her hand, she looks at him. He leaves it. He says he is sorry. He is feeling like an animal caught in a cage, he isn’t used to be like this. Amrita says it is her mistake, he has to suffer this because of her, he got the bullet because of her, and he is like this. She never hated him, not even when he came here, not even when he changed everything after coming her, and not even when he hated her. Karan comes to her front, he says he knows what he had said, and what she heard; but the truth is that he doesn’t hate her, he never hated her. It was just that he was angry, he apologizes her painfully, for the push. She cries, that she fell down so hard, she didn’t tell anyone. Babay got to know about it. He tells her not to cry, but she can’t help. He hugs her, saying I am sorry. She tells him his medicine is there. He promises to take it. She tells him, that he must take rest. He promises to rest. She says he must not use tv, laptop, and phone. He realizes what he will do then. She says he promised, so shouldn’t back up. He says it is good, that they get done what they say. She says she is leaving. As she comes out, she looks back. Karan sits on the sofa both thinking about each other.

The next morning, the doctor gives Kiara her fake leg. She says to her mother, she can’t do this, she is much afraid. The doctor says that it is for sometime, then she will think that it is a part of her body. Mehr asks could she know that her leg was fake, had she not told her. Kiara fears, what if she fells down. Her mother says , will she like to be on wheel-chair, for always? Khushi says that every new thing is different in the beginning, and tells her about her cycle-phobia. Amrita also bucks Kiara up. Khushi asks if she has brought the bracelet, takes it from Amrita and binds it on Kiara’s arm. They all help Kiara, she tries to stand up but is dis-balanced. Mehr runs to help, and says this is her leg, and will listen to her. She tells her to feel it, and order it. Kiara says it is painful, Mehr says this is a new step to life. Amrita says is it her dream to run, she can try and get all what she dream of. It will be a little painful, but it will be her step towards her new life. Kiara takes a step, and walks to Amrita who hugs her upon reaching her. They all clap for her.

Malika finds Mehr in corridor, and asks for a work. She says her brother has come from Jalhindar and asks her to give him this parcel. She says she is afraid of Dimple here. Mehr denies, but Malika requests promising he will come to the garden as well.

Karan was happy to hear about Lalit’s donation. Dimple says he had a bullet for him. Karan says it was because of Amrita, as she has done a lot for her. He gets another call, and the man says to him that Shukla told him he wanted to know about the number inquiring about him. He tells him it was from Patiala. Karan notes the number, and dials it on his cell phone. Veer calls him then, and asks him about his condition. The number was switched off.

Amrita asks Veer did they know about anything. She asks him to let her talk to that man in Mumbai. He says they will, from a different sim. He takes a leave to go, as he is going for the biggest case of his life.

Amrita brings food for Karan, He says he won’t eat it as it is boring. She sits with him, and says she wants to discuss a case in hospital which no one is understanding. He listens keenly to the case, and Amrita puts bites in his mouth and he takes all his food. She tells him, Dr Anil got all his suggested tests done. Karan asks why she asked him then. She points at the empty food plates, and smiles.

PRECAP: Karan shuts the laptop watching some posts. Amrita inquires about it, and reads the post. It said Dr Karan Oberoi is a murderer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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