Hamari Sister Didi 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The police arrive and take the lady kidnapper along her. The people there said it was good she was caught, as she was kidnapping this sleeping boy. Two men arrive there, a man says this Baba is a great believer of mata. The conductor asks him to have some food, but Baba asks him to drop them. The conductor says there is no space in the bus, Baba asks him to let them give a place on roof. He allows. Baba asks whose child is Sooraj, the conductor asks for the people if he is their child, everyone denies. Baba says they must take him Jamu along, and hand him over to police. The take Sooraj on the roof and covers him with warm clothings.
In the morning, Amrita gives tea to Mrs. Kapoor. She asks if she slept well, but Amrita says how she could sleep when Sooraj wasn’t here. The bus stops by, Sooraj wakes up. Baba asks if he is awake, what is his name. They tell him they are also the believers of mata, Sooraj says he is also going to Vishnu Devi, they ask about his parents. They says they will do the darshan together. Sooraj says he has to go down, they agree. The bus goes out of order, people asks conductor to arrange another bus. Baba also comes to the other bus, Sooraj also gets there. A lady there recognizes Sooraj, Sooraj says this is Riti Bhabi, Sooraj covers his face and runs. Her husband says she is just having hallucinations. Sooraj comes to baba and says he will go with them on roof. Baba helps him climb the bus roof.

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Amrita was at home, when the bell rings. It was the same neighbor, she come crying. Amrita asks Khushi to bring water. The lady says she was talking on phone to her son, but soon there was shouting and cries. She is really worried, Amrita switch the lights on. The news say the bus going to Katra from Patiala had an accident, many people are injured. They were all shocked. The chunri flies off Sooraj’s photo. Mrs. Kapoor consoles the lady, Amrita promises her to go along and find her child.
The reporter says the steering had gone out of control, almost 12 people have died. The injured including Riti bhabi and husband were also there. In the luggage, Sooraj’s shoe was also there.
In the cab, Amrita consoles the lady and thinks about asking Sooraj how he is. She dials the number but it was out of coverage area. She calls home, Khushi asks where is she. She asks did she talk to Sooraj’s teacher. Khushi thinks about talking to Akaash’s mom.
In the hospital, Amrita and the lady look for the injure. The lady asks Amrita to go and see, she takes her inside. Amrita looks into all the wards, they lady’s children call her name, she runs to hug them. Amrita smiles.
Khushi calls Akaash’s mom, worried. She asks did she talk to Akaash, and asks how is Sooraj now. Khushi says Sooraj had gone to camp, but Akaash’s mom told her that Sooraj had left because he was unwell. He left with a doctor, Khushi asks is it Karan. Khushi calls Mrs. Kapoor crying, that Sooraj didn’t go to camp and came back home with Karan. Mrs. Kapoor gets worried, and Khushi calls Karan. Karan says he dropped Sooraj home yesterday. Khushi was worried and says he hasn’t returned home. Karan goes in shock. Khushi asks when did he drop him.
Amrita tells Mitthu she was worried so much about him. Amrita goes to bring his luggage, she asks the inspector for luggage. In the luggage, Amrita finds the blue purse but comes across a little jogger which was similar to that of Sooraj’s. She holds it up, looks at it and gets worried at once.
Amrita gets a call of Khushi, Khushi was crying and tells Amrita Sooraj didn’t go to camp. Karan dropped him home, but he didn’t come home. Amrita says she will see here, she found his shoe here. She says she doesn’t understand anything, she will look for him. Khushi fears if Sooraj was on the bus. Amrita remembers Sooraj asked does children’s prayers are also accepted there. She asks Khushi to talk to his friends.
Mrs. Kapoor asks what happened, Khushi says Sooraj was on the bus that had accident. She cries, Mrs. Kapoor loses control in shock. Mitthu and family come to Amrita, she says she found Sooraj’s shoe, she doesn’t know how he came here. Ritti says to husband she told him she saw Sooraj.

PRECAP: Amrita says in temple that she won’t eat something until they return her with her Sooraj. Khushi and Karan heard this. The candle goes off.

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