Hamari Sister Didi 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Hamari Sister Didi 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Khushi and Sooraj come to Amrita to wipe her tears as they looked at Avinash’s photo. She says you people remember we planned to go for picnic on this day last year. Avinash was so naughty then, but there were emergency. She recalls Avinash said to her then that happiness has to be snatched from the life. A video is played in which the Avinash and Amrita placed the foundation of the hospital and their children were born. Amrita says he always enjoyed celebrating his birthday; today must be his best gift i.e to run this hospital the way he wanted to. He always said that the real cure comes from vitamin L- ‘vitamin love’

The kids come to the stage. Khushi says they must not concentrate on the planning but the feelings. Sooraj bursts the balloons, Khushi stops him and they begin the tablo. Sooraj tells Dr. Khushi about the pains in his body, Khushi says I have the cure and that you must keep everyone happy. They both dance. Avinash sings and makes Amrita dance in the party, watching their kids dancing. She asks you always had the attention problem and must be getting happy watching the celebrations. She holds his hand and tells him everyone here talks to me about you; but I know you are here with me. She wipes her tears and gets to watch her kids dancing.

Dimple comes to take Avinash’s mom. She asks you came after a long time. His mom says I came here to appoint the resident doctor of the hospital. They stop by the party, and Dimple says to her that this circus continues like this here. Avinash’s mom says that he liked this circus on his birthdays. Dimple says she just wanted something respectable to be done on his birthday. Amrita looks at her mother-in-law standing on the door. The mom was thinking how she opposed their marriage, but Avinash said she must not call her an ordinary nurse as she is the daughter-in-law to be at the house.

Avinash said she will have to accept her, if not today then after his death. Amrita asks dupatta from a lady, drapes it around her head and says she liked she came. She was to touch her feet, but his mom says to Dimple she must call the trustees soon. Amrita removes the dupatta.

Khushi asks about her mother, everyone asks about her. Avinash’s mom comes inside; everyone becomes silent when she looks at the photo of her son. Khushi calls Dadi mummy! Dimple calls them to the board-room. Sooraj also runs after her, but they leave. A nurse tells him that they will send the cake in her room as she is busy. Khushi was upset, that what she thinks of herself. Amrita says that she is busy, we must cut the cake. She promises their dadi will come to meet them. Amrita tells the peon to send the cake in board-room as well. Sooraj comes to see his grand-mother during the meeting.

A sister asks Amrita why her mother-in-law doesn’t own her grand children. Amrita says she is sure one day she will own them by herself. The sister says that she herself is enough and a complete family for her children but Amrita says this isn’t possible. Today even, Sooraj misses Avinash when he looks at his empty chair and it can only be filled by his granny.

The peon tells Sooraj to go away, but he calls aloud to give the cake to dadi mummy! She looks up at Sooraj and sees the little Avinash in him.

The cake is brought to her, she says you are distributing Avinash’s birthday cake but you don’t know he liked pineapple cake. Amrita comes inside, distributing the cake among members she tells her after Sooraj was born he preffered chocolate cake as the choices of people change with time. Their dadi mummy also distributes the cake and says that tomorrow she will send pineapple cake for them which her son liked. She tells the peon to close the door. They all leave.

Khushi was taking care of Sooraj in corridor. Two sisters talked how handsome Dr. Avinash was. Abhishek calls Amrita, she fears he recognized her but he tells her that he had dream yesternight and told her the story of his life. He asks her to discharge him now, and she tells her to go.

A sister tells Amrita that meeting has ended. She heads to talk to her for Khushi and Sooraj. Sooraj comes running downstairs, and goes to his granny calling dadi mama! She hugs him.

PRECAP: Khushi cries that her granny doesn’t love them. Dimple asks Avinash’s mom to go and talk in café but she takes an excuse. At home Sooraj is sure she will come tomorrow, Amrita says she has gone to bring them gifts but Khushi is in a bad mood and doesn’t believe her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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