Hamari Sister Didi 2nd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Hamari Sister Didi 2nd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mithu is explaining on how they saw Suraj and are sure while Amirta is confused of what to do. Mithu tries to calm her down and says that I will find him. He tells Amrita to wait here while she says that she will come as well. Khushi is crying and blaming herself when Karan comes and she tells him about the incident and Suraj’s shoe being there.
Mrs.Khapur tells him to find Suraj when Karan calls someone for help and for his helicopter. He tells everyone to get ready as they are going to the airport. While at the hospital Amrita is anxious and asks the office of what is going on. She gets into a quarrel with him and searches for Suraj in the hospital. As she walks on Karan holds her arm and she turns around. She asks of what he is doing here and he tells her to calm down. Without listening

she says that where did you drop him and why couldn’t you drop him in the house.

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Karan says that I was about to call you but I know you wouldn’t answer and I saw him going in the house. He says that this is not the time to fight as we have to find him right now while Amirta says that I don’t want his help at all. She leaves while Mrs.Kapoor goes after her and so does Khushi. Karan says that I also have a realtion to him and won’t let this go.
Amrita is walking when her stall gets stuck in a murti, she turns back and says that what should I do now. She starts to pray after staring for a few moments she sits down on the spot and says that till the time you return Suraj to me I won’t go anywhere.
On the other hand in a village somewhere a man brings Suraj and puts him down on a bed. He calls a woman shanty and says that the boy is completely wet and looks as if he has been there unconscious in the river. They start to aid Suraj in order to get him back to health. The candle goes out she turns it back on and says that it is my stubbornness that I will not eat anything until you return him to me.
Karan goes out and asks an officer about Suraj, after telling the details the man says that you can’t search the site as it’s a valley. Karan goes to the place and calls for Suraj. A policeman comes in and tells Karan to visit the village as the boy can’t be here as they have searched the place. He tells Karan the way to the village and leaves. Amrita is still there praying without doing and Khushi and Mrs.Khapur have joined her as well.
Karan comes to the village asking for Karan but so far no one has seen him. He gets tired when he sees Karan’s clothes hanging and recognizes them. He goes forward and when opens a curtain he finds him there. Some moments later Karan comes in with Suraj screaming for a nurse’s help. Amrita comes and asks of what has happened when Karan explains that Suraj has got wet in the water for too long. Everyone starts to cry and panic when Karan tells them to wait and goes in the O.C.
Khushi asks Amrita if Suraj will be Okay when Amrita says to him that nothing will happen to him. She stops a nurse and asks for a number for a head doctor. The nurse says that there are other doctors while Mrs.Kapoor says that Karan is there while Amrita says that Karan will not perform the surgery. Inside Karan tells the nurse to prepare to the operation and he will be back.
Amrita is calling the doctor who agrees to come for the surgery. Karan comes and says that a surgery would be needed and explains the reason for it. The nurse comes and says that the room is ready when Amrita stops him and says that I won’t let you do the surgery.

Precap: Karan says that if the surgery doesn’t happens in the next 10 minutes the patient could die. Amrita says that you have killed a patient before and you have a relation him and if you hesitate what would I do then.

Update Credit to: Sona

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