Hamari Sister Didi 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Amrita takes her dupatta on again, Karan tells her to leave it as she can’t hide Amrita. He asks her doesn’t she know how to do the dressing. She asks did he go to the nursing school. He says he knows the hand must not shiver while dressing. She says he is perfect and his hand must never have shivered in OT. He gets a flash back, and stands up telling her to leave. She argues that his wound is bleeding, she won’t leave. He puts cotton on it, she goes out worried that what happens to him. Babay comes there, she says he pushed him out of her house. Babay laughs, and says she will see him. Amrita says he is like this because of her, and says she will take the soup.

She comes inside the room. Karan was asleep, She thinks he looks peaceful while sleeping, he had his earpiece on. She was about to pour water in the glass, when Karan moves. She hides behind the curtain, he wakes up and sees the soup. The curtain was moving, he removes it to see her. She says he didn’t want to see her so she hid behind the curtain, and asks him not to shout. He was serious, and says nothing is left for shouting now. He holds her hand, and drags her out throwing her on floor; he shuts the door behind. She gets bruises on her arms.

Karan comes inside, sits on the sofa thinking what she had said.

Amrita thinks about Karan’s misbehavior.

Karan gets flashbacks about the operation, he probably had failed.

Amrita thinks what he had done to her. She comes back to hospital, Babay asks what happened to her. She says she fell down. Babay suspects, and asks where. Amrita says it was outside, on the stairs. Babay stares at her, then takes her for dressing.
Karan comes to the kitchen, saying he needs no one and is used to doing his work himself. He cuts the cheese vigourously then throws it saying it isn’t good for health. Babay asks Amrita what happened between her and Karan. Babay says she taught her to lie. Amrita says he wanted to stay alone. Babay says when men are out of control, they must be left alone. Amrita and Babay laugh that his mind is out of work. Babay tells her to go and rest, Amrita watches some men passing by Karan’s house.

The children wait for Amrita, she asks why haven’t they slept. The children show concern, while Mrs. Kapoor asks how she got it. Amrita says she fell down, it is a minor injury. Khushi tells Amrita that her homework was left. Amrita says she told them not to leave work for tomorrow. Mr. Kapoor says they have to do everything alone. Sooraj says his homework hasn’t begun yet. Amrita promises to finish it in half an hour, when she was going to get fresh she felt dizzy. Mrs. Kapoor notices this. Amrita gets their homework done. Khushi says she has to pack her bag as well. Amrita tells the children that she has to go on duty tomorrow at 4 am. Sooraj says at 4 it is night. She says she has to go then, and tells them she will make sandwiches for lunch. The children hug her, and leave to sleep. Amrita reach the hospital in rush, and works alone there.

Karan couldn’t concentrate on biscuit wrapper. Amrita brings his dressing. She says the other nurses are busy, and the door was open so she entered. He says he told her he doesn’t need her. She clears the things, pours food for him, brings water and wears the gloves to check for his wound. He sits still. She was packing her things and leaves when Dimple enters. She asks this much attitude. Karan says it was for him, he pushed her out of the house. Dimple says she knows whatever is happening to her is because of her. Karan thinks how she cared for him, and what he had done. Dimple brings him back, and asks what happened. He says Guilt, it isn’t easy to live with the feeling.

PRECAP: Amrita tells Dimple that Vaijanti is new, still she did the most over-time last month. Dimple says this is the problem, they do over times uselessly.

Update Credit to: Sona

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