Hamari Sister Didi 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dimple asks Babay and Mehr about the staff, Mehr says they don’t have a single nurse upstairs. A patient comes to complain if it is a government or a private hospital, they are tired of calling but no nurse has come to see their patient. Dimple asks him to go inside, she is sending someone. The man still complains, and goes inside. Dimple asks where all the staff has gone, Mehr tells her about all the duties of nurses as anyone wasn’t available. Dimple asks her to go on reception as there is no one, Mehr says she has to assist Dr. Anil for surgery and is preparing for that. Dimple asks Babay what they can do about the problem. Babay says there was someone who used to be a sister didi, she used to look after all this. Dimple leaves curtly, Babay laughs at her. She thinks you will always have ego and pride in yourself Dimple. No one can take Amrita’s place.
At home, Amrita asks Sooraj to keep wearing warm clothes, and she is packing some eatables for him and his friends as well. She tells him to listen to his teacher, and don’t get wet in water else he will fall ill. She comes to Sooraj who was having breakfast; he asks her what if he doesn’t go to camp. She stops at once, Mrs. Kapoor also looks at him in surprise. She asks why, aren’t his friends coming. Sooraj says it will waste a lot of money. Amrita is shocked, and tells them that they don’t need to worry about money. She will take care of it, they must keep on enjoying. Khushi says she is wondered, Sooraj is saying something like that. Amrita says she wants him not to go, Khushi resists but Amrita says he must go.
A lady comes to Mrs. Kapoor and says her son asked for mannat to get good job, and are now at Mata Rani’s palace. Mrs. Kapoor says no one comes empty handed from there. Sooraj asks if it is the same for children. They say it is double for the children. The lady asks Amrita to hurry up, Amrita goes to empty the plates. Mrs. Kapoor asks how they are going. She says they are going through bus, it takes one there. It leaves in every 30 minutes. Sooraj listens to this intently. The lady leaves.
Sooraj comes to his room, closes the door and comes to the photo of Avi. He says that lying for good is right. HE will tell mama he is going on camp, but he will go to Mata Rani.
He holds the photo with him, Khushi comes. He hides the photo behind, she looks at him worried. He is quiet, and afraid. He tells Khushi that she must not tell mama. Khushi was quiet, when Amrita comes and asks if he isn’t getting late. She gets Sooraj ready. Khushi says she is feeling a bit strange that Sooraj is going alone. Amrita takes Sooraj along to the bus stand. She says bye to him, giving him a few advices. He boards on the bus, she turns to leave. Sooraj recalls what the lady in the morning had told them, and goes down the bus. Some men stood there, to wait for Mata Rani’s palace bus. Karan comes there at the bus station then. His car had stopped working, he opens the bonet of the car to check it. Sooraj watched him from the bus, and calls him. Karan turns to see Sooraj there, cheers and goes to the bus.
Sooraj’s teacher says she can’t allow him to go with any stranger. Sooraj says this is his Karan uncle, really. Karan smiles. Sooraj asks her to ask his friends. The boys agree with Sooraj, Karan gives his visiting card to the teacher. Sooraj asks for the return of his money. Karan takes him along. On the side he asks Sooraj what he is upto, Sooraj says he didn’t want to go without mama. Karan says let’s go, but Sooraj says he will go by himself. Karan doesn’t agree and says he will drop him home. Sooraj gets into the car.
At home, Amrita says to Mrs. Kapoor and Amrita looks for jobs in news paper. She marked the job of receptionist, Mrs. Kapoor asks what, will she now work as receptionist. Amrita says what is wrong with it, working is also necessary. In such a big hospital, she will apply if any post is available. Mrs. Kapoor asks her to look for her profile first. Amrita leaves urgently without having breakfast.
Sooraj asks Karan does he like mama. Karan was shocked, looks at him and was clueless what to reply to him.
Amrita leaves on her scooty, when the car comes home from the other side. Sooraj runs inside saying good bye to Karan. Karan leaves. Sooraj says he must go to Mata Rani’s temple for his mama.

PRECAP: Sooraj drinks juice in his way.

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