Hamari Sister Didi 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan looks at Amrita in the corridor, and stares at her. She comes to him, he holds her arm to stop her passing him. They both look at each other. Karan comes to a realization that he was day-dreaming. Amrita comes thinking she has to go for Sooraj’s match, he looks at her. She passes by him, ignoring him. He goes behind her, and calls her. She asks what. He says she must go with him, change and go with him as it is an emergency. She goes inside to change. He thinks he will tell her all about his heart. Amrita comes changed, Dimple stops her. Karan comes there, and takes her together. Babay asks Amrita what is the emergency, Amrita says she is worried she will get late for Sooraj’s school.
Karan opens the car door for Amrita. Dimple is worried, and follows them. Amrita says she has forgotten her phone in the hospital, looking for it in her bag. Karan tells her it is no problem, she says she is relaxed but why is he worried and is sweating. He says he is fine too. She asks if the case is really serious. He stammers, then tries to change the topic. Amrita asks Karan to drive fast, he says they are about to reach. She says in case of emergencies, we must hurry. She mocks that she can walk faster than his drive. He tells her to stay calm.
Dimple’s cell phone rings, a credit card seller calls her. In the quest, she loses the track of Karan’s car and wonders where they have gone. Amrita asks if he is kidnapping her. He asks what if he does. She says there will be no benefit; no one will pay for her. He says benefit doesn’t matter in case of heart. She says he is talking about heart, she says he helps her even if she doesn’t ask for. He does it by heart. He smiles, if she really thinks about him like this. She nods. He asks what else she thinks about him. She says she knows he is a bit stubborn.
Babay watches a baby, and instructs the mother about taking her care.
Karan stops the car, Amrita observes the place which was set for a date. Karan asks her to come out, she argues. He tells her to come out. She asks it was an emergency, he says it is.
Sooraj asks Khushi to tie the laces. Khushi scolds him for not being able to do it himself. He asks about mama. Khushi says she never forgets his matches, and tells him to concentrate on the match. Khushi scolds him to learn his own tasks when Mrs. Kapoor comes there. She tells Sooraj to drink juice in break she has ordered. Sooraj asks her to order it for his friends as well. Mrs. Kapoor asks if he wants something else, he says he wants mama. Khushi goes to call Amrita.
Amrita comes to the table, lost. Karan is nervous and asks if she is shocked. He says he is shocked himself, but he thinks one should pour his heart out. Amrita asks what is this all. Karan says he doesn’t know what this all is, but she gets so much into her work that she doesn’t get time for herself. He thought of getting her to a place, where she gets a chance to spend sometime with herself and he gets time to say something to her. She asks seriously, this is why he brought her into this jungle. He says there are some things which are more important that work. He asks her to sit down. She shouts, and is angry that she wants to go back to hospital. He says they will just leave. She says he lied to her about an emergency. He says he didn’t tell her there is a medical emergency. She asks where are his ethics, and curses herself that she left her son’s match. He asks is there Sooraj’s cricket match, she was worried. He tells her to sit for a while, she says he may sit here she is leaving. He stops her, but she goes towards the opposite side of the car.
Sooraj waits for her mama. Mrs. Kapoor comes to Khushi, she tells her that Karan’s phone is out of reach. Sooraj says he won’t play if mama won’t come. Mrs. Kapoor says if mama doesn’t come, won’t he go to school. She and Khushi ask him to practice. He denies. Dadi mama says he has to win, doesn’t he. Khushi tells her that last time, his team won because of him. Mrs. Kapoor says Amrita is being his mama and dad both. Sooraj asks if she will help him practice or not. Khushi tries Amrita’s number.
Amrita cries and prays that she want to go to her children. Karan follows her, calling her to sit in the car. Amrita denies going with him. She stops a car, but it doesn’t stop. She moves on. She comes in front of a van, but it passes by throwing her into the bushed. Karan runs to her, she denies his help. He stands there, watching her struggling with the dupatta caught into bushes. He removes it, holds her up with her arm and looks at her.
Karan scolds her that he told her to get into the car. When he came to pick her, why she didn’t tell her it was Sooraj’s match, he would have taken her there. She doesn’t want any help from anyone. She says yes, she doesn’t want any help from anyone. Karan nods, then says she doesn’t know how she is behaving to him. She doesn’t know how this effects him, how he has spent the whole last week. He can’t help thinking about her. Why he can’t be her support? She says because they only have a relation of a doctor and its subordinate. A doctor’s responsibility in only for his patient, he must not try to fight her life. She hasn’t given the right to anyone and he is… He looks up at her.
Sooraj says to Khushi that he always say his mama, but she doesn’t come.
Amrita asks Karan to drive fast, she doesn’t need to miss Sooraj’s match. Karan begins to drive rash. She asks him to be careful.

PRECAP: Sooraj says he is unable to find mama. Amrita and Karan have an accident.

Update Credit to: Sona

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