Hamari Sister Didi 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan stops Amrita, and shows her that Mrs. Kapoor is just there. They stop her, but she starts to run. They catch her out of breath. Dimple watches her condition and is saddened. Amrita asks what was she doing, what if something had happened to her. Mrs. Kapoor asks her to leave her. Amrita says she won’t leave her, and she must go to hospital. Karan tries to console her, but she shouts that she isn’t going anywhere. She cries that she killed her son. Karan winks at Amrita, and takes Dimple along. Amrita says that this disease is genetic. Mrs. Kapoor says that she always blamed her, now Amrita must be relieved. Amrita asks didn’t she know about it? Mrs. Kapoor looks at her and says it wasn’t Avi’s turn to leave. Amrita sits with her and says it isn’t we who decided. Mrs. Kapoor cries that he left his memories among us, and went so soon. Amrita tells her that when she got angry Avi said we will make our new memories; today she is asking her to make new memories with Sooraj and Khushi. Mrs. Kapoor says she can’t live back Avi’s moments, but she can return the kids what she deprived them off. Amrita is elated, and asks will she come. She stands up to take her hand; she gets rid of it, stands up and walks to the hospital. Dimple takes her, while Karan waits for Amrita to come along.

Dadi asks Sooraj near her. He looks at Amrita, and the kids head to their dadi. He asks her where she went. Mrs. Kapoor says that she went away for sometime, but she has returned and will not go anywhere. Khushi asks the meaning. Mrs. Kapoor asks Karan is she alright to travel? Karan says she must not. She asks can she travel for Delhi? Karan says only if she takes extreme precautions. Mrs. Kapoor asks them to leave to children’s house. Sooraj and everyone cheers. Sooraj promises her to share his room. Mrs. Kapoor tells Karan that Sooraj has taken all the precautions, she will now stay with her children.

Amrita was celebrating with the staff, Dimple comes blaming Amrita for taking Mrs. Kapoor’s file from her cabin. Amrita says she was asking herself about the file. Dimple says that she and her staff does the shock treatment with other patients. Karan calls her from upstairs and stops her. Dimple shouts that Amrita always think about herself, what if something had happened to her. Amrita shouts that she doesn’t know her limits as Amrita also didn’t want her to know the truth. Amrita tells her to stop it. Karan also asks Dimple to end this. Dimple leaves, while Amrita also. The staff wonders who would have put the file.

Karan comes to Amrita; she says she didn’t keep the file there. How disturbed mummy ji must have got, when she must have known about Avi’s illness. She will not let it go, and will find out who kept it there. Karan tells her that all good comes from bad.
Dimple said to Karan that she will take the notice and won’t leave the matter. Karan tells her to calm down and says he was there monitoring her. She thinks about it, and asks where was he. He tells her he was there with her all the time, and didn’t leave her. He tells her that he knew she will be shocked to see the file, as he had kept it there. Amrita overhears. Dimple asks are you joking. She says that you have become just like Amrita by living with her. Karan tells her he doesn’t need to give her any explanation. Amrita says that she needs explanation Dr. Karan, who gave him this right. Dimple asks Amrita not to create a scene. Amrita asks some time with Dr. Karan. Karan agrees. Amrita asks Dimple that she want to talk alone.

Mehr tells the children that Babay has come out, and informs Mrs. Kapoor about it. Sooraj announces that they have to decorate the house, then he denies they have to make a cake too. Dadi mama says it is okay, she didn’t listen to anything.

Amrita shouts at Karan about what he think of himself, he always wanted to tell mummy ji about her illness. She asked him not to tell anything to her, what if something had happened to her. Karan tells her he has been observing her from when he came, and now he took the risk because he is her doctor. She says that she is her daughter-in-law and that is all of her right to decide. He asks what a daughter-in-law, whom she never accepted. Amrita says that you think everyone as an emotional fool, Karan asks her to stop it.

PRECAP: Karan tells Amrita he will drop them home. Amrita says she will manage. He says he didn’t ask her permission. She tells him to be a doctor and mind his business. He says he isn’t interfering in her life, but Mrs. Kapoor’s.

Update Credit to: Sona

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