Hamari Sister Didi 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Karan tells Amrita that all the staff has tried to stop Mrs. Kapoor, all failed; as we have one Amrita, and this time she can only do it. Amrita says that she is also helpless this time. Karan says that is not acceptable, will you be able to forgive yourself if she leaves today. He pushes her to go to her. She says she never owned her. Amrita says that she know how to make herself acceptable, you become a lioness in front of everyone, this is the right time. He says that she needs her family, if she leaves Avinash won’t forgive her ever. She looks at him, he leaves the room. Amrita turns to Avinash’s photo.

Mrs. Kapoor comes to the water jug, it was empty. Amrita was there with another jug. She keeps the other jug and goes to her bed. Amrita says that the children insisted upon not going to school, she agreed as it is the last day. She tells her that Sooraj used to insist not to go school and Avinash always wanted to isist and take him school, then one day Avi told Sooraj that his dadi wanted that there is a doctor in every generation of their family. She says that Sooraj looked so cute in his school uniform just like Avi looked. She tells her that Avi brought an old camera from Delhi, and used to do photography along with being a doctor. She shows her the album, while Mrs. Kapoor watches them silently.

Amrita says that Avi never wanted to miss a single moment of life to be captured, may be he was saving them all for her. She asks her to become a part of their life for sometime. Mrs. Kapoor closes the album, saying that you snatched these moments from me; and you want to prove your responsibility when you don’t have one. She says that she will live with her illness, but can’t live with her, she will live alone and tells Amrita to leave with this album. Amrita nods and leaves. Karan waits impatiently, when Amrita comes out lost. He comes to her, she tells him she has lost. He watches her leaving.

Dimple comes to office and looks for file of Mrs. Kapoor. She calls Bobby. Someone keeps Mrs. Kapoor’s file on the desk. Pages fell from the file with the fan. Mrs. Kapoor takes one of them and reads it. She is worried, and picks the rest of the papers as well. The history said that this is a genetic syndrome, and her son died of this disease too. She is taken aback reading this. She cries that Avi got this disease from her; she is responsible for it and he didn’t tell her anything. She is worried, that there was something lacking in her, and she took her son’s life.

Mrs. Kapoor walks out of her room. Amrita comes to Mrs. Kapoor’s room, and finds the file dispersed. She looks at the papers, and gets that the reality has been revealed on her. She asks about Mrs. Kapoor from the staff, no one knew about it. She tells Malika to look for her. The guard notices Mrs. Kapoor leaving hospital.

Amrita comes to Dimple, and asks who kept the file in her room. Malika tells them that guard saw her going out. Dimple and Amrita looks for her.

Mrs. Kapoor recalled Avi saying to her that how can she leave him. She also recalls Karan telling Amrita about the reality of her disorder, the report. Amrita thought what must be going on her, she would never forgive the one who gave her the file. Karan also come out.

PRECAP: Karan and Amrita find Mrs. Kapoor, she watches them following and start running.

Update Credit to: Sona

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