Hamari Sister Didi 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita hears to the boy, and says Pappu will forgive him for sure. She puts her strethoscope on pappu’s heart, and listens to it. She tells him that pappu is saying that munu is his best friend, had there been someone else he must have left him there. The one who accepts mistake is the bravest. Sooraj tells Munnu that he is his friend as well. Mrs. Kapoor watches this all.

Amrita tells Babay and the staff that her friend is fighting his life, because of him. Lalit comes from behind, and says she has failed; isn’t possible. She taught a miser like him that life is precious than money. Kiara also comes there, and says she gave him the courage to never lose; how can she accept her failure. Amrita turns to the standing staff. Babay comes to her, and says she forgets herself what she says, the candle that she lights resides in everyone; she isn’t a fail and God will listen to her. Nothing will happen to Karan. They all hug Amrita. Mrs. Kapoor watches this.
Karan lies on the treatment bed, Bobby sits beside him. Amrita comes there, and tells him to go as she will stay here. Bobby says she must be tired but she says she won’t get rest until he gets up to shout at her. She tells him to see her children. He asks did she eat. She tells him to go, and tell Mehr to attend Lalit and instruct her about some other patients. She looks at Karan.

Dimple peeks through Karan’s door, and walks worried. Bobby brings food, and asks children they want to eat something else. They says they aren’t hungry. Mrs. Kapoor asks him to bring some sandwiches for them. Malika asks all the patients why they aren’t eating. They say they will eat, when Dr. Karan is fine. Malika says Dr. Karan will be angry if they don’t eat. Kiara also denies eating or having juice, saying she won’t eat until Dr. Karan doesn’t eat. Lalit also denies eating. He says Karan took the bullet in chest for him, he says he has asked Mata Rani to make Dr. Karan alright.

Amrita asks Karan to wake up, she says she is stubborn and doesn’t listen to anyone. Outside, no one is eating food, it isn’t a good thing. He can’t take his face off his responsibilities.

A girl shouts of her injuries, she tells Malika she had scooter accident. Babay comes there. Malika was frustrated that she is crying for a little injury. Babay makes her bandage her.

Sooraj says to dadi mama, that he enjoyed fighting with Karan but he didn’t know he will die one day. Mrs. Kapoor says one shouldn’t say it like this, he will be alright. Sooraj says when papa was ill, mama said he will get up but he went away. Khushi tells him to shut up, everything will be alright. Mrs. Kapoor asks Sooraj to ask God as he listens to him. Sooraj reminds Khushi about a trip, where they sent a message to the God. They took Dadi mama and Dimple aunty.

Amrita asks what happened now, how can he forget about his rule book. He must make himself understand that he is needed here, and can’t turn his face off his responsibilities. She stands up, and says he never listens to her. He must say something, please.

Sooraj shows them the prepared lanterns, on which he has written his prayers to God. Khushi says their Muskaan will be incomplete if something happen to them. They all leave their lanterns on the sky, praying.

Amrita says to Karan, that she knows he dislike her. But he has to get up for others, she pleads him to talk to them. She heads to leave, annoyed.

Karan says who? Amrita turns around, he opens his eyes. He says she speaks a lot. She laughs, and comes to him. He asks her to remove the mask, take the breathe. He says she breaks so many rules, and doesn’t know they must not shout on patients. She says he is such egoist. He says who is egoist more than her. She says he is, and asks how is he? He says he is having bad luck, can’t leave Muskan. She says she won’t let him go anywhere, as Muskaan can’t run without him. She warns him, that he must not do any such thing again. She hugs him, he is shocked. She runs out to tell everyone, and specially Dr. Suxena. Everyone thanks God, for saving Karan. Dr. gives injection to Karan, saying he will see how his body will respond. The doctor says he is fine because of Amrita, she gave him all the paramedic aid and tells him they must do some X-rays. Karan says he remembers a bit. Amrita leaves to send Dimple and Mummy ji. Dimple enters, hugging Karan.

PRECAP: Amrita and Karan argue. Amrita asks what athe reason to come inside was. Karan says she must have got the bullet, had he not jumped in.

Update Credit to: Sona

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