Hamari Sister Didi 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sooraj come to the room where Khushi was crying. He says sorry, she tells him to go as she doesn’t need his sorry. He insists and sits there. Khushi asks him to let it leave, he doesn’t know what happened to her that day. She was talking when he hugs her, he tells her to ask dadi mama he didn’t sleep until she had returned. He wept a lot that his sister is missing, she says he is a brave boy then why did he cry. He says he thought she will also leave them like papa. Khushi composes herself, but says he is too little to go for camping, what if something happens to him. He says there will be his teachers as well, he will stay with them.
Karan was in his cabin, Babay comes there and says she thought she couldn’t be wrong in recognizing people but she was. Karan asks her to sit down. Babay says she stayed because of Amrita because she didn’t want her Muskaan’s dream to break, but he must forgive her. She leaves.
At home, Mrs. Kapoor asks Amrita to have food. Amrita says she doesn’t want to. Mrs. Kapoor says problem won’t solve while staying hungry. Amrita asks what is happening to her, she doesn’t even understand. Mrs. Kapoor says it is about time, their family has bad times going. She never thought everything will end like this, but God will also show them good days. Amrita says what will she do till then. Mrs. Kapoor says everything will be alright, and asks her to say some dialogue like sister didi. She pours Amrita’s food in plate, Amrita smiles. She says love doesn’t fill a stomach, but it fills one’s heart. She must now strengthen her heart. Mrs. Kapoor says one must not talk while eating. Amrita begins to cry, but Mrs Kapoor says kids will be worried by this. Khushi and Sooraj ask what they should not know. Amrita asks were they spying on her. Khushi says sorry to her, they ask what they were discussing. Amrita says they there was a surprise for them, their mama has taken leave from hospital for a few days. Khushi asks how will the hospital be run without her. Amrita asks her to leave it, and ask if they have done their homework. She asks Sooraj to come and finish the homework. Mrs Kapoor asks her to finish the meal, but Amrita asks says she doesn’t want it anymore.

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Karan was thinking about what Babay had said to him, Dimple comes home. She asks if he has done dinner, he says not now. She says she has brought food for them both, she will serve it. Karan says he isn’t hungry, Amrita. Dimple says it isn’t Amrita, it is Dimple. She says she knows he is worried taking Amrita, someone wanders around you then you get used to her. But what is the use of worrying about her, she has family to take care about her. Karan says she used to argue him and they had fights. She had craziness to help people, we couldn’t see her. He says that he and Dimple are culprits as they have snatched the Muskaan of this place. Dimple says when we both are here, we will control the hospital. She goes to serve food, and thinks in two weeks he will even forget about the face of Amrita.
The alarm rings, Amrita gets up and wakes the kids up. She comes to kitchen and says to Mrs Kapoor that she is late today, she will make potato firatae for Babay as well. Mrs Kapoor reminds her that she doesn’t have to go to hospital. She goes into the shock of realm. The kids come there. Khushi says she has to give a thankyou card to Karan which she has made herself, she will go to hospital. Amrita says she will says thank you from her side. Khushi says one must give card, he will like it. It is her responsibility to say thank you, but today she doesn’t have to go to hospital. She says she will hand it in her way to school. Amrita says there is no need to go alone, she will come with her. Khushi says it is her leave, she must chill. Amrita gets angry that she is saying, she will go with them. She scolds the children to get ready.
Mehr and Malika say they don’t like the hospital today. Babay also says that Muskaan was just because of Amrita here. Malika is shocked to see Dimple in Amrita’s costume. She smiles, Mehr says if she is dreaming. Malika pinches her. Dimple says why are they shocked, she is also a part of Muskaan. She wants them all to be happy, as when they are happy the patients will also be happy. Babay comments that she is following Amrita’s foot step. Dimple asks them to take 45 min break from today, she wants to make a happy environment for them. They were all silent. Dimple asks aren’t they happy.
Amrita and Khushi come to Muskaan. Khushi run inside, but Amrita asks her to go along her. Khushi feels awkward about it. They come inside, Amrita watches Sonlal and his wife coming out. Amrita takes the phone from her, and turns around. Khushi asks whom is she calling, Sonlal stops to watch them. Amrita drops the phone, Sonlal leaves with wife to the other side. Khushi says hi to Karan excitedly, as he come to reception. He looks at Amrita.
PRECAP: Amrita comes to private nursing job. The man was a flirt, but he needed a nurse for his wife at night shift.

PRECAP: Amrita comes to private nursing job. The man was a flirt, but he needed a nurse for his wife at night shift.

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