Hamari Sister Didi 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Babay asks Neha to live with her. Amrita also says that no one can say no to Babay. Neha says she has already done a lot for her. Babay says she is saying because she lives alone, she will get a company. Neha agrees and thanks Babay and Amrita. Amrita asks her not to be sentimental, and leaves for a round.
In the corridor, Amrita says to Babay that she is tensed about Neha. Amrita says that there must be something in life, that must give her a spark, her husband and saas aren’t with her. Babay says that her husband is on his mother’s side. Amrita says they must do something. Babay says that in this case, she is hopeless. She must move on slowly. A nurse brings a file for Amrita, she drops the letter there. Amrita asks Babay to take this file inside.
Khushi looks for the book, and is worried. She asks Sooraj, scolds him to leave the game. He denies taking her book. She is worried, but he says he didn’t do anything. Khushi calls Amrita, and complains about Sooraj. Khushi says that he history project book is lost, Dadi mama has gone to Amritsar to lawyer and she is alone at home. Amrita says it must be at home, but Khushi cries that she has double checked. Khushi says she asked all her friends, how she will make it on the last moment. Amrita asks her not to get worried on little issues. Khushi asks when is she coming back. Amrita says she is just leaving. Dimple watches her leave. Malika finds the letter for Amrita, she thinks what is it doing here and give it to Babay as it is Amrita’s.
Amrita comes there, that she is leaving ten minutes before as she has an urgent work. Malika gives her the letter; she takes it to read it later. Dimple stands there, in her way. She asks Amrita where she is going. Amrita says that she has an urgent work, and is leaving. Dimple asks about her duty. Amrita says she stays for 10 hours, even when her duty is only 8 hours; today she has an urgent work. Dimple says she will cut her one hour salary. Babay says it is just about 10 minutes, she will manage. Dimple asks who will do her work. Dimple says he has to submit the report to trustees tomorrow, she will get her the whole admissions report today, before leaving. Amrita says she has to leave early, she will hand her tomorrow morning. Dimple says when she will prepare the presentation, if she gets the results one hour before meeting. She asks if she must take her position back from her. Amrita says she will prepare her reports before leaving.
Amrita comes to the office, frustrated with Dimple’s stubbornness. She gets Khushi’s call, who asks when she will come back. Amrita says she has an urgent work, she must begin as Amrita will come back. Khushi says she promised. Amrita asks Khusho to on the computer and come on video chat. They get online. Amrita says that they will manage it from here.

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Amrita helps Khushi prepare the project, as well as manage the file work.
Karan comes looking for Amrita. He thinks has Amrita read his letter or not. He asks Deepali, if she gave Amrita her file. Babay says Amrita gave this file to her to keep it in safe. Karan asks if she read it. Babay says she doesn’t know. Karan looks for the letter, then asks Babay. She says she doesn’t know about it. He finds Amrita coming from the room, and keeps looking at her. He asks if she read the file, there was a letter. She takes the letter from her purse, and says she will read it now. He tells her to take it home. There comes a patient crying, that his mother fell from stairs. He calls Amrita inside. Amrita watches the time, and goes in. The patient was Neha’s mother in law. Karan says there is nothing else but a cramp. She complains that it pains a lot. Karan writes a relaxant and physiotherapy for her.
Neha sits on the sofa ready to leave with Babay. Babay tells her that she will just be free in a while; Neha says she will sit in the canteen by then. She watches Vivek comes to Babay, to ask for medical store. Neha smiles, and turns around crying. Her condition worsens and she faints. Babay comes to her, calls for Amrita and calls for water. Amrita tells Neha’s saas to take rest and hurries out. Malika informs her that Neha has fainted. Babay gives water to Neha, and asks what happened to her. Amrita comes worried, if she is alright. Neha says that when Vivek came to her front, she could forget anything. She says Vivek came to hospital today, to get the medicines. Babay asks was he the guy asking for medical store. She nods. Babay tells Amrita, it is the same case who slipped from the stairs. Amrita and Babay smile at each other, Amrita says she must be happy that leaving all the hospitals in Patiala, God brought her Vivek here. She asks her to stop crying, else there will be flood. Neha smiles.
Neha’s saas asks Vivek to go home, the girl’s family is coming to see him. He says that at home, she has to rest even. Amrita asks them that they have to stop for a while. He asks they said she is fine. Amrita says there is some complication in her whole body check-up. The saas is worried, Amrita says at Muskaan we even treat cancer well. Vivek looks at her, his mother says an enemy must not even get the disease. Amrita says what if someone gets it, the one who is really close. They have to get it treated. Vivek asks for the reports, Amrita says they must wait for a while. Vivek and his mother look at each other.
Amrita takes her bag from the reception, and reads the letter. She is shocked to read whatever is inside, gulps hard.

PRECAP: Amrita asks Karan what is this. Karan looks at her. She repeats her question. Karan is speechless, then says this is true.

Update Credit to: Sona

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