Hamari Sister Didi 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jezzy tells Amrita how she got ready, Aman came to her and smiled. He says he thinks he must get locked in the room, with her. She recalls they have to go to party. He gets a call, and is shocked to hear about the loss. She goes to him, and asks to leave for party. He turns to her and slaps her that he suffered loss of lacs and she is fond to wander in parties. People thought she was happy, but he beat her so hard that her bruises haven’t gone. She cries hugging Amrita. Firstly, it was business tension but then it was his habit. She became pregnant, he beat her that she lost her child.
Kabir and friend tries Khushi’s number, then they calls her land line. Mrs. Kapoor receives, Kabir disconnects. He tries Khushi’s mobile again. His friend asks to dial the landline again, Dadi picks

it up again. The inspector comes there for inquiry and collects all the medical store owners with the files. The all denies getting the sample, and instructs to tell them.
Aman comes to the hospital with bouquet in hand. Amrita tells Jezzy she has to end this tyranny. Jezzy is afraid to see Aman stand there. Amrita says she was in pain, so she came to give the injection. She is afraid on it, so began to cry. Aman asks why is she afraid of injection, he is here. He asks Amrita to give the injection, Amrita leaves the room to get it. Aman shut the door behind, comes to her and makes her eat the apple, making her afraid. Jezzy cries, while Amrita thinks she will have to get her freed from him.
Karan instructs Bobby, and tells Malika he doesn’t need any other patients. Amrita comes there, and says she won’t remain quiet. She won’t leave Jezzy in Aman’s hand. Dimple says Aman is a big man, Dimple says it is lawfully wrong. She cant aid them. Dimple argues with her, but Karan asks Amrita to think about something. Dimple says I am out. Amrita says to Karan that it isn’t easy, she is suffering. Women often think they are worth it. She says there is a hospital day, Karan asks what is it. Amrita says Avi started it, there will be celebration and work together, like Avi managed. She asks Karan to prepare something.
The inspector asks the medical stores about the medicines. The store holder says this is a strong medicine. Khushi enjoys the ice cream, she goes to buy another.
Aman comes that Jezzy is getting discharged.

PRECAP: Karan says to Jezzy that having a husband means to bring a new person to complete one’s life. Amrita looks at him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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