Hamari Sister Didi 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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She reads a text message received late night, gets up saying I won’t let you leave so soon. She comes in front of the Baba ji’s pic and prays that this child must not get promotion so soon; she will take care of the rest. She goes into the room and watching the kids asleep. She wakes Khushi up and asks her mom needs her. She takes her on the scooty saying she will love the ride on the vacant roads. She heads to tell tayi ji, and informs her Sooraj is asleep in the room.
On the skooty, she tells Khushi to write a message. She dictates ‘why you recall every work so late at night’, ‘you even said I love you so late at 1 am’. Khushi asks who dared to say I love you? She tells her it is Abhishek. She heads to the roof, a boy stood on the grill of the roof. She calls him Abhishek? He asks are you a princess. She thinks he is still under the influence of injection. She says yes, are you going up? Did you get the appointment? He says he is going to die, she says you must! He gets a call, she asks him to take it. He takes it, and tells her he is going to die. She asks him was it Priya? or Neha? He ask who Neha? She says Oh yes! You did not meet her yet, she is your wife to be, but first you had to meet Priya, then there will be a Rashmi, then you will meet Neha! and you will have twin kids, you will marry them; then you will die. He sits down to ask is it really going to happen? She says yes, and for that you must come down and try. He takes her hand and comes down the grill, she points to stop the nurses. Abhi says I will fall in love with you princess. She laughs, and says she already has a settting with the God. She says it seems hospital employees are coming. She runs, while Abhishek looks for her. Sisters come to take her along. She comes down and takes Khushi in her lap. A sister takes a blanket for her, and says a nurse and a mother are same. She asks was there no lock on the roof? The sister says she will ask the guard but how did you know about him. She tells them that he saved her number as his lover and texted her. The other sister says to Khushi that you must now return home as it is your dad’s birthday. They say that they will celebrate Dr. Avninash’s birthday well. She says Avinash stays happy anyway, it is for the kid’s joy that we are celebrating.
In the morning, she prepares for the breakfast, gets a call and says she is sending Paratha’s for mata ji. She calls Khushi and Sooraj for breakfast and brings the tray on the table. Sooraj spoils ketchup on Khushi’s drawing. She says how beautifully Sooraj decorated the drawing. She spills some more, and they make patterns with them. They all laugh. She asks shall she write Happy Birthday Papa! Sooraj gets serious. He asks will Dadi ma come to party, she smiles saying May be.
At the gurdwar, she tells the kids to pray quickly. She prays to keep his hand on Avninash. She says what if we don’t have Prasad on birthday. She tells the kids to celebrate papa’s birthday well, and forbid Sooraj to tell any other story to a patient.
They come across a doctor who asks Amrita why she didn’t discharge Abhishek when he was discharged by the doctors. She says to Dimple that he was worried. Dimple says to Amrita that this isn’t a mental hospital. Amrita says that you shouldn’t take tension, and must not say this in front of trustees. A senior comes to say to Dimple that his retirement is still two days later and she might answer him instead of calling the trustees for small problems. She heads towards the party.
She comes out dressed up. They guys peeked for a girl Malika. All the patients and doctors gets ready for her to come in.
The doctor uncle says to Amrita that he hopes Avinash was here for the party. She gets sentimental, and asks you are also leaving. He says he doesn’t want to leave, still he has to. He asks is her mother-in-law coming for trustee meeting.
There is an emergency in the hospital. Amrita is called; someone tells her the patient’s name is Avninash. Amrita is shocked. Dimple asks the children that Amrita has left for an emergency, and we should start.
Amrita comes to Operation theatre. The patient is serious.
The children perform for their father.
Amrita tells doctor his heartbeat is decreasing. The doctor declare ‘Sorry, we are late.’ Amrita thinks she won’t let Avinash die. She comes in shock, and gives him electric shock. The doctors shout he is dead, still she says she has hope. After a few jerks, the patient comes to consciousness. The doctors attends him, while Amrita leaves.
Dimple and doctor uncle brings the children near the picture of deceased Dr. Avinash. Amrita and everyone in the hospital is teary, she says I miss you Avinash.

PRECAP: Avinash said to his mother she will have to be accepted as his wife, if not now then after his death. His mother comes to hospital, Amrita touches her feet but she ignore and tells Dimple to call the trustees.

Update Credit to: Sona

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