Hamari Sister Didi 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Amrita comes to Dimple, and asks what is this. Dimple asks her to remain in manners and come after knocking the door next time. She asks Dimple why she didn’t get her full salary. Dimple asks her to ask accounts. Amrita says they say she has stopped it. Dimple says she has her cheque in hand. Amrita says her over time and increment aren’t in it, she did overtime for the whole month. Dimple says she never counts the days and time, isn’t Muskaan her home, and smiles mockingly. Amrita asks if she is making fun of her, she needs her whole salary. She has a lot to manage in her expenses. Dimple says hospital is going through some financial difficulties, everyone must wait till next month. Amrita says she can’t wait, Dimple says she can find the other job and smiles again. Amrita asks what she is saying, does she want her to get to her feet to ask for her salary. Dimple says right now she is really busy and leaves.
Mrs. Amrita talks to the lawyer, that he had said the case was in their favor. The property is legally theirs and her husband’s brothers have no share. The lawyer says stay order has been taken on the property. She says this property is a sourse of income for her as well. Lawyer promises to do something about it. Mrs. Kapoor was worried.
Amrita comes out and sits on a bench, worried.
Children come to Mrs. Kapoor and ask why she is tensed. Sooraj asks if she cooked again. She laughs and denies. Khushi laughs too. Mrs. Kapoor says she is alright. Khushi asks was it mama’s call, and goes to call Amrita. She dials Amrita’s number. Amrita is worried, watching the number. She takes the call. Khushi says she has told tution teacher that she is joining, are they going to tution. Amrita says yes, and asks about dadi mama. Khushi says she is here, and is a bit worried. Amrita asks to talk to her. She asks if she is alright, what happened, Khushi said she is worried. Mrs. Kapoor thinks if she should tell her, she is already worried taking expenses, she doesn’t want to put her in more trouble. She denies about being worried, and says she is going to serve food for them. Khushi takes the phone and asks if she should tell her teacher. Amrita says she can, and thinks how to tell mummy ji, she seems tensed as well. She thinks there must be some solution to it.
Karan thinks about Amrita’s blames, she had told him not to take any interest in her. Amrita knocks his door, he looks at her. She asks if she can come in. He allows. She says she has to talk to him. He says he is really busy right now, she may come later. She says ok, she is waiting outside. She stands on the doorway and waits. She keeps on waiting outside for hours. Finally Karan makes a call to Dr. Anil, when she enters and says it seems he is really busy. He stops her, and asks what is it. She says she didn’t get her whole salary of the month and her overtime. She wants the full salary. He asks her to talk to Dimple. She says she has talked to her, he asks then. She says he knows she has a lot of expenses, she has to fill tution fee and… He stops her and asks isn’t this her personal talk. She says he is the chief doctor, he says she must talk to accounts personnel and follow the personel. She has drawn a line between them, don’t cross it. From the next time, she must put an application like other nurses. She says she won’t put an application for them, but for trustees. He asks if it is deterrence. She says she is fighting for her right. He is frustrated, and closes all the work.
The next morning, Dimple finds Amrita to trustee’s office. He asks Dimple what’s the issue, why there is deduction in Amrita’ salary. Dimple says she is so sorry; he had to worry for a petty matter. She had promises Amrita to get it next month. The trutee says not everyone can stay for a month, and there has never been a complain against Amrita. Dimple says she will ask the accounts to release her salary. The sponsor says what is the reason to run Muskaan, when they can’ take care of Avinash’s wife. Outside, Dimple asks Amrita to take cheque from accounts and don’t come to her. Amrita says she takes pity on her thinking, then thinks there is no use of talking to her. Dimple thinks she must get to her again and again.
Amrita is relieved that she has got the cheque. She asks Khushi to ask give her the tution account number. Dimple thinks there must be money in the account as well. In the bank, Dimple calls Amrita and asks her to see the cheque again. It is post-dated and her money will come after a week. Amrita takes the cheque back, and is worried how she will fill Khushi’s fees.
In the hospital, Karan asks Babay where is Amrita. Amrita comes there, Babay notices she is worried. Karan says he has a presentation; he needs all the files and reports of all patients till evening. He instructs that there should be no mistakes, no file must be missing. Dimple hears this. Karan goes with Babay, Dimple smiles watching Amrita go worried. She stops her way. Amrita asks to leave her way. Dimple says she still has the attitude, she went in her smartness to Mr. Gupta, but she didn’t think she is the one releasing the cheque. Amrita says she didn’t think Dimple can go down to this level. Dimple says this had to happen. Amrita asks is she alright, she is a senior, people respect her. Dimple says her problem is that she thinks about others a lot, she must as well think about herself. She complains about her to Mr. Gupta, Mrs. Kapoor or Karan, she must come to her and take her owings. Amrita says this is her hard earned money, she doesn’t need to beg to anyone for them. She taps Dimple at her shoulder and leaves.
Amrita comes to the office, and takes the files. She gets call from home. Sooraj asks Amrita for a new work. Amrita is shocked to listen to the new list of children as they fight. Amrita says she has a surprise for children, but will be a bit late home. She hangs on and is worried. At night, Amrita leaves the file work done in office, Dimple meets her and says isn’t she done. Amrita says she was arranging files for Karan’s presentation. Dimple asks why she doesn’t get her work done till late, she gets overtime for it. Amrita says she has children to be waiting for her and isn’t alone like her. Dimple says she isn’t alone, Amrita came between her and Avi and snatched him. And now, she wants to take Karan, but this time she won’t let her win. She will end the story before it begins. She comes to the office and takes a file saying she told Amrita to change her attitude. She removes tags of the files.

PRECAP: Karan shouts at Amrita on phone, he asks her to come here. She promises to come, some men tease Amrita in the way.

Update Credit to: Sona

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