Hamari Sister Didi 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita says to Kabir’s parents that she was the one to catch her daughter but when she says she didn’t know what is the effect of those medicines, she will accept it. She says no one must not worry how she brings her children up. Khushi was wrong when she stole the medicines but their son misused them. Kabir’s father says her daughter turned their son into an addict. Mrs. Kapoor interferes and asks them to go inside to their son. The parents say the girl made him addicted, Mrs. Kapoor asks why their son drank the medicine. Amrita says the whole family of her daughter in with her. Karan comes to Amrita, and holds her hand making her calm. Karan tells the parents there is no use of blame game. This is time to treat the children, they will get the investigation. Veer agrees, and asks them to calm down. This is his work, he knows it better. Veer tells Amrita to go to Khushi, and Kabir’s parents to go to him. His father tells him to question her as soon as she is conscious; Veer says he knows his job. Sooraj hugs Amrita and cries. Amrita tells him nothing has happened, Babay hugs him too and takes him to Khushi. Karan observes Amrita, she leaves for inside.
Malika stands with Khushi and asks her to open her eyes. Khushi wakes up, Malika asks how is she. Khushi asks for mama, Malika asks her to be quiet. Khushi cries, recalling Amrita’s slap and blames. She says mama hates me, she slapped me. Malika tells her to calm down. Khushi says mama is ashamed of me, all was her fault. Malika hugs her and says mama will come and forgive her. Amrita comes there, Khushi is afraid of her. Malika asks Amrita not to scold Khushi, Amrita was serious and asks Malika to go out. Amrita comes inside and closes the door behind. She holds hand to take Khushi’s face in hand, but Khushi is afraid and cries apologizing. Amrita hugs her and says she knows that she lied to her and stole the medicines but she didn’t know why Kabir asked for the medicines. Amrita says she knows her daughter can’t do wrong knowingly. Khushi hugs her, and says she thought she will scold her. Amrita caresses for her, Amrita says she will show her anger but later. She wants to know everything.

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Khushi hugs her and cries. This is because of her that polices has come to her papa’s hospital, in front of dadi mama and everyone. Amrita says they are all their owns. She asks if she remembers she told her that Kabir’s family has a lot of problems, his mama was ill. She gave him her pocket money and took medicines for her. She had to steal them; she did it from the hospital. He kept on talking about medicine only, from then. She got worried about his mummy. Amrita listens to her, and says she knew her doll couldn’t do anything wrong. Khushi asks her what will happen to Kabir, and cries if police will take her. Amrita hugs her and asks her to relax as nothing won’t happen.
The doctor tells Karan that he has changed the blood, but the body is on shut down mode. Karan sees the reports and says the drugs dose needs to be doubled. Karan says to Kabir that they will be saved from the drama when he is better. Dimple comes to him, and says he won’t side Amrita.
In the office, Karan says to Dimple that one of their employ needs them but Dimple says she is grand daughter of Mrs. Kapoor, she will receive one call and her record will get cleaned. She will send her to boarding school, but they can’t stand with Amrita. Dimple says she can’t stand with Amrita, and won’t let him too.
Kabir’s father talks to minister. Karan and Veer hear this. Veer says to Karan that he is thinking about taking revenge, he might lose the case. Karan says he is ready to take revenge from Amrita, than praying for Kabir.
Karan thinks how he had blamed Amrita.

PRECAP: Khushi accepts that she is responsible for all this. Veer says he must take Khushi in remand. Amrita cries, but police takes Khushi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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