Hamari Sister Didi 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the hospital, the patient asks the wardboy about what he called him. The wardboy says what if the doctor see this. He says he doesn’t want to stay here, when there is a 10 lac deal pending. Amrita comes there, she asks the wardboy about the medicine. He says he bought this for home. Amrita leaves to see another patient. The patient takes it and drink the whole medicine, saying he will now see how they stops her.
Mrs. Kapoor drops her phone off her hand. The kids ask what happened, but she goes to her room. Khushi asks Sooraj what has happened to her. Mehr comes to announce that a patient is having a breathing problem. It was Sonlal ji, she asks Mehr to talk Karan. Mehr says Karan is on house visit, Dr. Anil is in surgery. Amrita says any doctor will be late, and asks her to bring the injection. Sonlal comes there and asks Amrita where is the doctor. He was fine, still they kept him here. Amrita calms the lady down, and asks Sonlal if he has eaten anything. He denies. Amrita gives him the injection.
Amrita was in Karan’s cabin, Malika tells her he is in room 101. Amrita comes there and tells him about the problem. She explains that she gave him the medicine, he asks how much ml, she says 15 ml. He asks was his breathing normal, she explains him further. He looks at her, lost and keeps hand on her mouth. They look at each other. Amrita tells Karan that she has prepared the reports, Malika will keep them on his desk. He says it is ok, she says she has to talk to him about the complain. He says it has gone, she must now go home. She says bye to him, he looks at her leaving and smile.
Amrita comes home refreshed, Khushi and Sooraj were off mooded. She asks why aren’t they smiling, as she has returned. Khushi tells Amrita that dadi mama.. Amrita asks what has happened to her. Khushi says she is much tensed, she is getting lawyer’s calls from morning and didn’t open the door when they went in to give tea. Amrita says everyone gets probems, she must not worry. She goes to Mrs. Kapoor’s room, the door was unlocked and she sat on bed crying. Amrita asks what happened. She asks her to leave her alone. Amrita says she won’t and will sit here, she shouldn’t tell her if she doesn’t want to. She goes to sit besides her, and keeps hand on hers. She asks what is it, she says herself pain lessens when shared. Mrs. Kapoor says everything has finished, their business, house, property. They were betrayed, since Avi’s grandfather’s time, they had a man named Jagun Singh, who looked after the business.

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She gave him the power of attorney when she came here. He transferred everything on his own name, she couldn’t think he can do so. Amrita says how can someone degrade to such an extent. She asks does she, Sooraj and Khushi doesn’t mean anything to her. Mrs. Kapoor says this was all Sooraj and Khushi’s, what she will give to them. She has been helpless. Amrita says they are both together, she has the power and Amrita has the stubbornness, they will always face all the world’s problems. Mrs. Kapoor says this was all Avi’s which Sooraj and Khushi were going to get. Amrita says Avi used to say that she is the biggest of the wealth, and Sooraj and Khushi just need her blessings. The kids sing, never cry and come inside dancing.
They ask her to smile please. She hugs the children, crying. Amrita smiles watching them. Mrs. Kapoor hugs her too. Mrs. Kapoor says now they are her everything, Amrita says now they will also start crying if she doesn’t stop crying. She asks what they want to eat now. Sooraj asks for papri-chaat. Amrita goes to the kitchen, when her phone rings. It was hospital, Babay was tensed and asks her to come to the hospital. She had given the injection to Sonlal, it got reacted. Amrita comes to ask the family in the room to leave for an emergency.
Karan checks the patient’s blood pressure to be 160/110. Sonlal says this is why they stopped them here, the wife also blames the nurse. Babay tells Karan it was Amrita on duty, he gets lost. He tells Babay to tell Amrita not to come here, they will look after it. Babay tells Amrita on call, that Karan said she must not come here. Amrita insists that she must come, Babay tells her to rest at home and stay at home. Amrita says they must call her if she is needed. Babay says alright.
Mrs. Kapoor comes to kitchen when Amrita comes inside, she tells her Babay called they will manage. Mrs. Kapoor asks what to cook, Amrita says she will cook now. Mrs. Kapoor says she is really disturbed, she wants to go to gurdwar, will she go with them. Amrita says she will, and they will take the children as well, tomorrow. In the gurwar, Mrs. Kapoor, Amrita and Sooraj come praying. Amrita comes to the hospital, Babay stops her, Malika and Mehr are also there. Babay says till the time they called her, he was alright. But now, there are rashes on his whole body.

PRECAP: Karan comes to Amrita to give her suspension letter. She is shocked that he is suspending him from Muskaan.

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