Hamari Sister Didi 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita says to Malika that she will be angry watching her. Mehr says that she must meet her, as she has saved her life. Malika and Mehr tell Amrita to practice about what she will say to her. Malika was kind about the character, Mehr tells her to be strict. Karan comes there, and watches them practice. Karan says to Amrita, that if she is free from her acting class she must go and meet her mother-in-law. He punishes Malika that this week her free time won’t be counted in her duty time of 80 hours.
Dimple was with Mrs. Kapoor. Karan comes in with Amrita. Mrs. Kapoor is not happy to see her. Dimple stands up and Karan sits with her to check her nerves. Amrita asks how she feels now? Mrs. Kapoor neglects her and asks Karan has her reports come? Karan tells her that it was an emergency procedure, and Amrita did it. She says that Dimple told me, but you put a nurse to perform such a procedure. There wasn’t a guarantee either. Mrs. Kapoor asks what happened to her. Karan begins to tell her. Amrita thinks that he must not tell her. Karan was about to tell her when Sooraj and Khushi enter the room. Mrs. Kapoor makes them sit on her bed; Sooraj tells her that this is a bad doctor. She laughs and says that she will look into it. Mrs. Kapoor notices Khushi’s eyebrows; she explains that her mummy allowed her to get it done from Malika.

Mrs. Kapoor asks Karan about the reports, Amrita’s fingers were crossed. Khushi gets worried at Karan’s stammer. Mrs. Kapoor says that she isn’t that weak. He tells her that her arteries are weak. Amrita thanks God that he didn’t tell her that her disease is genetic. Mrs. Kapoor says that they just make the problems difficult by giving harsh names to them. Sooraj comments that what is in the name. Khushi boasts that it is: what’s in the name. Dimple takes a leave from her.

Amrita comes out of the room, and calls Karan. He thanks Karan, for telling her everything yet tells her nothing. He says she will know about it. She say that they will watch it later. Karan asks her to repeat her line of rehearsal; she says ‘Mummy ji!’… He says ‘I have forgiven you!’, she will say it one day.

Amrita tells a nurse Vijaniti to give Mr. Seth spinach vegetable, while Mr. Sen mushroom vegetable.Amrita runs to the Gurdwar, and thanks Baba ji that she isn’t angry with her kids.

Karan attends a patient, he gives him an injection. When the patient is relaxed, he tells Malika to take Vijanti out. She was saying sorry, but he repeats. Amrita comes there, Karan takes her out and asks that Mr. Seth has ulcer and is allergic to mushroom, and she served him mushroom. Vijanti stood there, and tells Amrita she did it by mistake. Karan asks Amrita where was she? She says she had to go to Gurdwar.

Karan asks that you left your duty to visit Gurdwar. He reminds him that it was her job, but she left it to ask prayers for her mother-in-law. He asks who gave you the permission to leave. Vijanti begins to explain, but Karan scolds everyone to reply. He says to Amrita that you left your job, and the patient got critical here.

He says that this is your problem, you people don’t consider anything much important. He scolds Amrita, and says that he tried his best to go along with them, but their methods are wrong. He will now make the rules. When he has left, Amrita sends everyone to work.

Vijanti comes into the café, and calls Bobby to share her food. Malika takes Bobby and Mehr away and says that she must have accepted her mistake in front of Dr. Karan. No one has a right to say anything to sister didi.

Amrita thinks about what Karan was saying, as she comes upstairs. He had said that an under-qualified nurse can’t be given responsibilities, Now he will make the rules and the one who doesn’t like the rules may leave. He had said, shame on you as a daughter-in-law made a nurse forget her duty.

PRECAP: Amrita reads some reports.

Update Credit to: Sona

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