Hamari Sister Didi 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan comes to Khushi and Kabir. He asks if Kabir wants so stay here, or go home. Karan says he is discharged today, he must change and go home. Karan asks him not to forget what happened here, whenever someone in life offers him the drugs, he must tell him the story and stop him there. Kabir says he got the lesson. Karan sits with Khushi, asking how her school is going. Khushi watches the bruise on his hand, and shows concern. She do the first aid for him. Karan asks Dr. Khushi Kapoor, if it will pain. Khushi asks how can she be a doctor, Karan says if her papa can be a doctor anyone can be. He tells her to stay determined. Amrita comes there, and asks what she is doing. Khushi says he got injured. Amrita take Khushi out.
Mehr talks to Veer on phone. Malika comes there, she makes noise. When Mehr asks her to stay quiet, she fights with her that she is really not interested in doing work.
Outside, Khushi tells Amrita that she doesn’t want to go to tution. Karan hears this. Amrita tells Khushi not to be more sensible. Khushi says in her school, extra classes are starting. Amrita says she will arrange for the classes, but Khushi asks her to trust her. Amrita says she does. Khushi tells her the classes are from today. Karan offers to drop her, but Amrita denies. Khushi goes asking them to stop the third world war. Karan is angry at Amrita, but Amrita says this is her life. Karan is left angry, but helpless.
Neha’s saas get Amrita’s call as Mrs. Gavan. She says her son isn’t getting ready for medical profiling, and keeps the phone down. Amrita says to Babay, that she thought Vivek will come and see Neha here. Babay says she tried herself, but now should leave it on God. Neha comes to Amrita, and asks her to apologize. She regretted writing the letter, that she was angry at that time. She asks her to take her to trutees. Amrita asks her to leave all the things. Neha hugs her. Amrita takes her to medicine. Neha asks isn’t her recovery late, her job could be saved a few days earlier. Neha says she left it, they say ill people’s presence in hospital effects the work. Amrita asks where she worked, she says Sharma pharmacy. Amrita asks her to change, they have to go there.

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In the office, Amrita comes to Mr. Sharma. She introduces herself, and says she wants to see the new samples of his medicines. He welcomes her, Amrita says they are really expensive. Amrita says an ill person can’t go to job, if he can’t work how will he afford her. Mr Sharma says if all the ill people sit home, all the world will sit home. Amrita agrees, and calls Neha inside. Mr. Sharma is quiet. Amrita asks if she worked for him, he dismissed her. He say she has cancer, his company suffered due to her. Amrita asks did he think about her, when for her overtime her personal life suffered. When an employee thinks about her work, should he think about them. Who would want to work with him, was Neha bad in work. He agrees that she is one of the best employees. Amrita says he still dismissed, the people who support the people at the time of need are remembered. And what will people think about him. She assures that Neha will be better soon. She takes a leave, saying she will get a really good job. Neha says to Amrita, she couldn’t say this much to him ever. Amrita says she doesn’t recognize her courage right now. Babay calls Amrita, they have to go for shopping.
Karan asks the nurse where are the ladies going. The nurse says they are going out of station, to a heavy discount mall. Amrita asks Babay to eat something, before going. They leave enjoying. Amrita shops carefully, a very few items. She denies with all the items, as they aren’t in her list. They go the bottle section, Babay drops her items. Amrita says she is thinking about buying it the next month. Babay takes swings on the trolly, Amrita makes fun of her.
Karan thinks about Amrita’s attitude with him, denying his favours.
Amrita asks Babay for all the bags. She is about to slip, when her sandal breaks. Babay asks her to buy another, but Amrita says she will get is joined. Babay says she has to buy one for herself. Amrita says they will buy it from the market near hospital. On the scooty, Babay feeds Amrita, as they were hungry. The ladies enjoy the ride, when they fell with the scooty. All the vegetables fell down.

PRECAP: Karna confesses his love to Amrita, she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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