Hamari Sister Didi 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Amrita consoles Sooraj by saying that the sky needed their papa more, that’s why God took him. Khushi says that we also needed them, but they might really need me more. Amrita hugs them, while Babay takes them to sleep. Karan was sitting on his roof alone, Amrita tells him she will check mummy ji.

Mehr and Malika discuss that they can’t puncture anyone’s heart. Bobby comes there, Mehr teases Malika that she thought she can puncture anyone’s heart. Malika teases the inspector about the inspector, and goes away. Bobby goes behind.

Amrita comes to Mrs. Kapoor’s room. Amrita sits beside her bed, and says that today Sooraj was talking about God’s calculations, who survives and who not. She says that he is wishing prayers for her, she will be alright. Karan knocks the door, and comes in. Amrita tells him that once before surgery, she was being weak; she told Avi to remove her name but Avi said that sometimes we are unable to take gather the courage being weak gives us. Karan gives her tea, she looks at the files and asks have the reports come. He was disturbed, she heads to take it. He says Vogada Syndrome, she is shocked and leaves her balance. Karan helps her, she says it was what Avi had? He agrees, saying that symptoms are cardiac arrest etc. and is hereditary. He says that male shows these symptoms earlier. Amrita stands up and asks Karan not to tell her, as she won’t be able to take it. She says that she is a daughter-in-law, she has been punishing her for this, but she will punish herself even more. Karan says that he is a doctor, and its his duty to tell her the truth. She says that she won’t be able to digest that Avi got these symptoms. He says he will tell her that her syndrome is untreatable, but the symptoms can be treated. She asks will he tell her that her son died because of her.

Karan takes her out, and tells her that she never went to medical school, and doesn’t know heart isn’t what is drawn on paper. He heads to go inside; she says that it is the heart which keeps us alive, working all the time. It doesn’t accept loss. Karan says that you are a daughter-in-law, I am a doctor. I am sorry.
In the morning, Avinash was working out. He thought how Avinash called him to a small city. Karan had said that he won’t ever come to a boring small city. Avi had said that he will come here one day. He stands up and says that you always win the bet, see I have come here.

In the hospital, Sooraj comes to Amrita. She asks did you sleep well? Sooraj asks her to meet his dadi mama, and says that she must tell her to play with him. He has also brought toys to play with her. Khushi was hiding her face, and tells Amrita that her dadi mama made her eyebrows better with make-up but now she must stop going to school. Malika comes and asks shall she make her eye-brows. Amrita goes to calls Sooraj, Mehr says he has gone to the ward.

Malika makes Khushi’s eye-brows. Dimple comes there and scolds her that if she has this free time, she will be given double duty. When she has gone, Malika and Khushi makes fun of her grown eye-brows.

Sooraj was taking the BP of a patient, and said that he would need an injection. The old man cries that he doesn’t need a doctor. Pinky aunty tells him he still has the pain in his stomach. He picks the file, Karan snatches it from him. Sooraj tells him that she has pain in her stomach. He asks does she really has it, she says she was just saying it to him. Karan tells her to rest. Sooraj calls him and says that he is the grand-son of this hospital’s trustee and can get him out in a while. Karan says that he is his mummy’s boss, and can suspend her out. Sooraj says that he hasn’t seen what he can do, actually; he will when his granny gets fine. He leaves while Pinky aunty makes fun of Karan.

PRECAP: Mrs. Kapoor asks Karan about her reports. He looks at Amrita and begins to talk. Amrita thinks please Karan, don’t talk.

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