Hamari Sister Didi 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan tells Amrita that he is stuck in the traffic jam, she must do her heart puncture. She asks how will she do it. He scolds that did she become a nurse for this day. Amrita is emotional, but he says that she is her patient. Amrita is reluctant, she tells Khushi to keep her heart pressed. She comes down and takes a lady and a knife and a water bottle. The people gather. Karan races his car. Amrita puts in a straw, and makes a small hole with knife on her chest. Mrs. Kapoor reacts. People ask Amrita what is happening, she explains she is a nurse and knows her duty. Amrita tells Karan that she is fine now; they must reach hospital.

In the hospital, Amrita tells Malika to take the children away while they take the strectcher to OT. Karan tells Amrita to leave it, as it is a family matter. She tells him that she punctured her heart. He asks what if she fells weak. She says that there is no place to be weak in OT.

Before the surgery, Amrita holds her hand and says that nothing will happen to you. The condition gets critical. Karan recalls the surgery of Avinash and was unable to focus. His hand shivers. The nurse tells him that the blood is controlled, and no one can do a surgery as precise as you. Amrita feels Karan’a state. He tells Amrita to make the pressure.

Dimple shouts at Bobby, that how did Amrita punctured her heart in the middle of the
road. Sooraj asks Khushi what is Dimple aunty saying? Will their dadi mama leave them too. Babay comes from behind, and asks who has begun to call first-aid as irresponsibility. She tells Dimple that you are a manager, why are you scaring the attendants of paitents? She tells her to leave. Dimple doesn’t say anything and leave. Babay makes the children sit and eat food.

The operation was over. Karan tells Bobby to shift her to CCU and keep under-observation. Amrita asks what was the reason when there wasn’t any blockage in the arteries. She asks Karan if he can also fall weak. He nods and leaves. Amrita thinks she has already lost Avinash, can’t bear to lose her children’s dadi.

Sooraj asks Amrita how is their dadi mama. She hugs him and says that his prayers were answered. Khushi asks can they meet her. Amrita says that no one must disturb her now. She says that she is very hungry, Babay takes them. The children goes upstairs playing. Malika and Mehr discuss that Sister Didi is very strong. Mehr said that today sister didi is in the state she was at the time of Dr. Avinash. Karan hears the conversation.

Sooraj puts a bite in Amrita’s mouth, she says she will eat it herself; but Sooraj says she must not be stubborn like child. Amrita tells the children that it is time for tution. Childen asks her to take them a leave, Babay request so she agrees.
Amrita comes to a patient, and gives her a medicine. She comes to the door, and feels dizzy. Mehr notices and comes to her help. She makes her sit on the chair, and says you must not do anything after operation. Mehr says that you must not burdenize your heart, and go to rest. Mehr says she will manage all the work. Amrita hopes what she is thinking about mummy ji leaving, is false.

At night, Khushi insists to Sooraj that he must go home. Sooraj says that everything bad happens at night, papa also went at night. Amrita takes her children to the balcony, and shows they children a constellation and asks the name. Khushi tells him that it is the Great Bear. Amrita says that it shows only when God is on leave, and how will he come to dadi mummy. Sooraj agrees to go home, then comes back and asks that the day papa went, the Great Bear wasn’t here?

PRECAP: Karan tells Amrita that the reports say it is a syndrome. She loses her balance, and Karan helps her. She says it is what Avinash suffered from. In another scene, she tells Karan that the most painful thing for a mother is that her son died because of him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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