Hamari Sister Didi 16th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 16th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan opens his office door, when Dimple coming inside accidently drops the letter. Dimple thinks it is the complaint and asks Karan if he is going somewhere. She asks him to go for a movie in the evening. He smiles and agrees, thinking he will be back completing the rounds. Dimple thinks happily, that today she has to get this complaint against sister didi to board members. Babay curses her, but Amrita says that she doesn’t care about what Neha says, she is so tensed. All the nurses say to Amrita, that Neha must have cared before talking to her. Amrita says that she is in pain, and needs support. She has also filed for her funds in an NGO. Neha listens this. She apologizes to Amrita, and says she was afraid she might lose her. Amrita makes her sit, Neha tells them that they had a love marriage, her mother in law was always against it. They they came to know that she had cancer, her mother in law began cursing her and said the money they will spend on her treatment can bring a new bride here. Amrita asks for her parents, Neha says parents also live on her brother and bhabi. Amrita asks about Vivek. Neha says her illness ended everything, her marriage and Vivek’s love. Amrita says love never ends, she needs to think positive. She has to make herself better first, everything else will be alright. She asks Mehr to take her inside, and make her understand she doesn’t need to walk in this condition. She asks Malika to keep her pamper a bit. She asks Babay, how it will happen, they can’t leave her alone. Babay says that when Karan doesn’t leave her alone, she gets annoyed. Amrita says that before Karan she was living, she will live in future as well.
The children played with Mrs. Kapoor. Khushi says that she has to arrange her fee day after tomorrow, for the sports coaching. Amrita goes to cook, Sooraj says thanks God mama will cook. Mrs. Kapoor slaps her, then says thanks God she won’t have to eat her own cooked food. She goes to take a call. Khushi reads Amrita’s message from Bank, that Rs. 1.5 lac have been transferred to her account. Khushi and Sooraj cheer, while Amrita calls the bank to ask who transferred this money. She is shocked to hear about Karan Oberoi. Amrita tells the children that they came to her account by mistake. She tells Sooraj, that she can’t buy her cycle this month. Khushi says she knows she will manage studying at home. Mrs. Kapoor asks Amrita if she has some money problem. Amrita denies, saying she can’t fulfill all the needs of Sooraj.
Karan and Dimple laugh in the car, about their past. Dimple holds his hand, he is shocked at once. Dimple says thankyou for dropping her. He gets Amrita’s call, Amrita was in anger. Amrita asks why he transferred the money to her account. Karan doesn’t get the signals. Karan says he can’t hear her, but he knows why she is calling. Amrita cuts the line off. Karan smiles that she must have got the money, and will now show formality. Dimple asks Karan to have coffee, but Karan says he has to talk to Amrita and meet aunty too. He drops her home, she thanks her and leaves.
At home, Amrita is worried and says how will she fulfill the needs for children, she dislikes saying no to children for anything. She looks at Avi’s photo. She asks who said Karan to help her, she just want Baba’s help, as she is so lonely.
Karan comes to Amrita’s home, and calls her. The phone is silent, and keeps on ringing. He knocks the door, Mrs. Kapoor says who is there so late. Karan watches the time, and hides saying he will get scolded. Mrs. Kapoor opens the door, finds no one and goes back inside. Karan comes to the door again, and calls Amrita’s number again. He looks at the movable stairs near the wall.
Amrita watches Karan’s missed calls, and thinks when he called her. She calls back, the phone rings outside the window. She comes to the window, and watches Karan climbing. He laughs. Amrita asks what he is doing here. She asks what he is doing, did he ring, and is there a time to come to someone. Karan says he came to meet her. Amrita says why is he not leaving her to peace. She says she doesn’t need his charity. Karan holds her hand, and asks if she thinks she is charity. She asks she didn’t ask her to give her the money, or loan. The door knocks, Karan climbs out. It was Mrs. Kapoor, she ask if everything is alright. Amrita says she was talking to herself, says good night to her. The movable stair slips and fell down. Karan keeps hanging. Amrita asks what he is doing, here. He asks her not to over react. She says she can take care of her children. Karan says he can look for his friend’s children. Karan fell down. Amrita comes down, and says he must need help. He says he doesn’t need her help.

PRECAP: Amrita returns Karan’s money, saying she doesn’t need any favour from anyone. Karan asks why she is disowning him. She says he never owned her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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