Hamari Sister Didi 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Amrita was drunk. She makes fun of Karan of being a city boy. He must have walked as a dummy, even in childhood. She made a great drama, on which people laughed. She runs to give injection to Lalit. The head tells Karan that the drink was for him.

Veer calls anyone in the hospital. Mehr was worried. He says he will call someone, but there were no signals. He heads to go to window, and hit her; says sorry and goes to the window. Veer is unable to get connected to anyone. He tells Mehr that Bobby told him to come inside. Mehr asks when he was at reception, how could he think that someone would come to storage room. Mehr recalls about Malika, goes to the door and calls them to open the door. Veer tells her to calm down, and says she already remains angry with him. She says she isn’t angry at all. The lights get off. Dimple comes there, and asks Malika and Bobby why the lights are off. Mehr hides with Veer behind the curtain. Dimple comes to take some medicines, then leaves.

Amrita dances on the beat of drum. then takes the drum and beats it herself. Karan stands there, and shouts at the people to stop it and go away. Amrita cries, that she has to dance. He gives money to drum men, but he takes her along and says that she has to dance. Her phone bell rings, she takes it. Karan asks her to be quiet, and picks the phone. Khuhsi asks why is he talking from mama’s phone. He says that her mama isn’t in a state to talk, as there is a lot of disturbance. Amrita taps at Karan’s finger on her lips. Khushi says ok Dr. Dian, and corrects herself as Dr. Karan. Amrita says on phone I love you Khushi, but Karan tells her it has been disconnected.

Outside the store room, Mehr was serious and says next time she does this, they will no longer be friends. She tells Bobby that he must not get involved in Malika’s drama. Mehr forbids Malika to interfere in her matters again.

The suspected men enters the room of hospital, climbing the outer wall. They remove the curtain of beds, and finds out that there was no Lalit. Mehr comes there, they say that they want to go to ward no 4. Mehr says they must have asked anyone, as this is special ward; the patient has gone for CT Scan otherwise he would have been disturbed. They leave.

Amrita fights with Karan to drive scooty, snatching his keys. They fell on the bed, she above Karan. She laughs, saying Dr. Karan fell down. He takes her hand, she asks he never liked her; poor Avi got stuck with a nurse. Nurses are meant to walk behind doctors, that is why he didn’t come to their wedding and stopped talking to him as well. Karan takes her. She says Avi had everything, still he missed his buddy; she made them apart, she is as bad as to make them apart. He must go to complain to Avi, that this is a nurse and isn’t worth him, he must go and find an educated girl. She cries, that he left her. Karan holds her hand, and asks her to go. She runs to drive, but he scolds her to sit on the back seat. He says she will fell down, she suggests that he must tie her. He ties her with her dupatta to his back. She asks him to stop, as she has to say something to him, and asks for permission. He says he has no choice. She says firstly, she hated him a lot, but then she understood that Avi was right, he is a good doctor; in fact a very good doctor. Karan says thank you to her. She says that he implemented his rules, she didn’t like it. But he kept Avi’s dream alive, she liked it. He sent Babay out of hospital, she disliked; then brought her back, she liked. He scolded her in front of Dimple, she disliked; then he saved her in ware house, she liked it. She smiles that she forgot to tell the main thing, she says Karan! Thank you for keeping Avi’s dream alive and bringing mummy ji in her life; coming to a small city in spite of being a big doctor. He says you are welcome. She says he is a tube-light, still she likes him. He looks at her. He asks her to sit, but she insists upon driving. He shouts at her to sit behind, she laughs and abides by him. He ties her with his back. She asks won’t she fell down. He says his luck is bad these days, so she won’t fell down. She was asleep keeping her head on his back.

Malika said to Mehr that Lalit teased her so much with her misery. Mehr asks why has Amrita not come, till yet. They were going to canteen when there comes an emergency case. It was an accident case, Mehr asks about girls blood-group and tells Bobby to call the doctor. Malika asks to inform Dimple, as it is accident. Dimple tells Vaijanti to tell Dr. Samar, as he attends accident cases. She says the girl is just sixteen, she is worried about the condition of hospital and thinks about talking to Karan who is still safe from sister didi’d drama. She sees a scooty from the terrace, and calls Karan. He looks up.

PRECAP: Babay hears Amrita talking on sleep that she couldn’t hate Karan in spite of a lot of struggle. Karan also thinks about her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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