Hamari Sister Didi 14th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Khushi has an accident. Her photo fells on the floor at home, and the glass on it breaks. Amrita is worried about it, and prays to Baba ji that she is worried so much. Please takes care of her daughter, she comes to to see her phone and reads Khushi’s message that Moira’s brother Arman is dropping her home. She recalls that one of the boys who had misbehaved with her was Arman. Khushi’s phone was unreachable, the three of them were injured. Amrita was worried and watches Karan busy with the kids outside.
In the car, Khushi comes to consciousness and calls Tanya. Tanya wakes up, her head panging. Khushi wakes Arman up, she is shocked when with her jerk his head lies back on the seat. She screams looking at his bleeding face.
Amrita is worried, and tells Mrs. Kapoor that Khushi must have come home now. She had watches the boy driving, with whom Khushi is coming.
She was coming back with Nisha’s mom. Amrita says she isn’t picking the phone. Amrita says she doesn’t has Moira’s number. Mrs. Kapoor scolds Amrita that firstly she wasn’t ready to let her go, and now she doesn’t even met her parents. Khushi thinks about calling mama, but her cell phone is out of order. She asks Tanya to come out of the car, and asks Tanya about phone. She takes Arman’s phone, which was locked. She goes to ask for help, but there was no where around. She cries, not able to think about what to do. Khushi asks Tanya that they need to help Arman. Tanya says she has to go home, she runs to get Arman but Tanya can’t look at Arman. Khushi tries to compose Tanya, but she says she can’t do it. She takes Tanya along her, as they can’t leave him alone here. Khushi tries to unlock the belt, and moves Arman, he moves at once. Khushi is happy that he is alive. Khushi says they must take him to some hospital.
Karan calls someone asking the organizers about Moira’s number, the organizer says they can’t give them their client’s numbers.
Tanya says they must walk till highway. Arman lied near the car. Tanya says she is afraid, and cold, they must go. She says he is bleeding. Khushi agrees to go, then thinks her mama had taught her the first aid. Her mama had said to her that life is precious; we must always save it at any cost. Khushi says she can’t leave him alone, they will help him. They must stop his bleeding, she asks her to check in the car and she looks in his pockets. She asks Tanya to hold his head.
Karan tells the ladies that the party has ended and everyone has left. It is their policy that they don’t give numbers of their guests. Amrita says she will check on the venue. Karan stops her and says he will come with her. Amrita says she will manage, Mrs. Kapoor asks what the meaning of going alone so late is, and Karan will go with her.
They leave; Sooraj asks dadi mama where mama went. Mrs. Kapoor says she went for an emergency, and tells him to play with his friends. She prays for her children. Amrita calls Khushi’s friends to ask for Moira’s number. She was worried about Khushi, Karan forwards his hand to console her worriness then backs up again. Khushi ties the cloth on Arman’s head, and calls him saying can he hear her. She says he doesn’t have to sleep, he has to wake up. Arman asks for water, Tanya goes to look in the car.
Khushi says they can’t give him water, until they reach the hospital. Khushi tells Arman that they don’t have water; he must wait until they reach hospital. A taxi arrives there. They give hand to him, but it doesn’t stop in the first place, then reverses. The girls are releaved. Khushi goes to the driver and asks for help as they have an accident. The driver says what if he gets into police case. She cries and says he is bleeding. The driver says they must look for another taxi, he watches an expensive mobile in Khushi’s hand.
Karan suggests to Amrita that there are many routes of going to Banglow, they must inform the police. He is afraid, that they get much late. Amrita is worried even more, and says what he likes. The man watches gold chains and rings in Arman’s hands, mobile in Khushi’s hand and says they must bring him inside.
In the car, Khushi observes Arman’s breath. The man is constantly looking at the jewellery in their hands. Khushi observes his eyes and asks if he has a phone. He says he doesn’t have, and switch his own phone off, and smiles. Khushi feels awkward in his car, he turns the car to a side. Khushi says they had to go straight, the driver says this is a new route. Khushi was worried and asks Tanya who also denies about this way. The driver takes a knife from beneath his seat and clicks it open.
Amrita asks the inspector to begin the searching, then they can file the complain. The inspector wasn’t ready, and says they are really irresponsible parents. They send their children to parties first, then complains to police. Karan tells him they aren’t here to listen to his lectures, the inspector says he isn’t doing it. They must talk to the head tomorrow. Karan shouts at him, but Amrita calms him down. Amrita asks the inspector to understand their worry, won’t he be tensed if this happens to him. He gets a call, and asks accident on highway. He asks was there a boy with her girl. Amrita says she was with Arman. He tells them there was an accident on highway, and the registration is on Arman Malhotra’s name.
Khushi looks at him, and then the way, worried.

PRECAP: Karan comes out with Amrita to two dead bodies. Karan removes the white cloth, he gets nauseatic and goes to the car worried.

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