Hamari Sister Didi 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Hamari Sister Didi 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan moves forward to accept their challenge about Kabaddi. He comes into the ground and joins his team. Karan is able to save himself well from the other team, but their team member gets caught. The other team leads by one point. Karan attacks the other team; they all catch him as he struggles to return. Amrita feels bad, while Karan watches her while going out. He again attacks but slips. The team holds Karan over their head. Karan’s team was losing; one of the other team’s player had strain in leg. Karan says his leg isn’t fractured, and says sister didi will put ice on it. Karan needed to take four points only. Karan moves forward, Amrita comes in the ground. She asks she must play with him. She gives him the tip, that he must go from side to side to play, and tells him to keep his attitude looks to himself. He asks her to go out.
Karan listens to Amrita’s advice and attacks. As the men hold him, Amrita worriedly prays for him, but Karan struggles to touch the central line and is finally successful. They all cheer. He gets up, panting and shouts his victory. Karan comes to Amrita and holds her up, hugging her. She is shocked and feels awkward. He tells her in elation, that he was a player in college. Then realizes, the awkwardness of the moment. Amrita cheers him, appreciating that he played really well. He laughs. The men take him on their shoulders, while Amrita also claps for him.

At night, Malika says to Bobby that someone must do something for Veer and Mehr. Malika says that they will send Veer into the store room for checking up. There Malika sends Mehr to store room as well.

Khushi warns Sooraj to complete his homework. Mrs. Kapoor sides Sooraj. Khushi says that mama will scold her, but Mrs. Kapoor says she doesn’t have time. The children say that she will soon come home. Babay calls Khushi to ask for anything, and tells her that she is making Dimple do the night duty. Dimple asks Babay what is she doing, when she comes to decorate the store room. Malika sends Dimple to office, when Bobby comes with the decoration lights. Dimple turns, but Babay says her phone is ringing and sends her in. Mehr looks finds the vaccine in the stock-room when Veer asks where are the strangers asking for Lalit. Mehr says there was no one here, when Malika and Bobby lock them into the room.

The head tells them jokes, while a man mixes alcohol in Karan’s juice and informs sister didi about it. The man tells the head that he gave sister didi her juice, while Karan the male’s juice. Karan goes to call for Lalit, when Amrita tastes chilli and drinks Karan’s juice. When she is done, she realizes it was bitter. She gets a hiccup, and smells the glass again. Karan comes there, and notices her hiccups. He asks is she alright, but she points at him. He was shocked to see what has happened to her. She begin to laugh, and comes down the bed. He says what will everyone think what has happened to sister didi. She says ‘Stop!’, and tells him they used to play this game but he must not know about it as he is a city guy.

PRECAP: Amrita snatches Karan her scooty keys, while he denies giving them to her. They fell on the nearby bed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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