Hamari Sister Didi 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Karan Dimple and Amrita were on the board to take the interview for nurse. Karan asks the lady why she didn’t apply for nurse in UK when she studied there. She says that she is in her city now so she will work here. Amrita asks does she like the children, she replies that if they don’t cry. Amrita then asks about old aged people, she says if they don’t tease. They send the girl. Dimple argues with Amrita but she says that this girl was doing the job for time pass. The next candidate fells down on the door, Amrita stands up to help her. Dimple asks why she want to be a nurse and not studied to become a doctor. The girl says that there is more satisfaction in being a nurse.

Malika and Mehr were taling idly, when a guy comes there and takes Malika’s attention. He was holding a file, Malika asks what? He asks the passage to go out. Malika goes to show him the passage leading outside. He tells her that he just joined the office here, and will start the job tomorrow. She says her name is Malika, he shakes her hand telling he is Bobby. Malika shows him the way and tells him they will meet tomorrow.
Amrita says to Karan that the last nurse was so nervous. Karan says I knew you would like her. He turns around and asks that you poured medicine on Avinash’s coat on your first day. They recall the story, Amrita asks Avi told this to you too? Karan says that he was my best friend, he even told me that he fall in love with you at that spot. He laughs recalling that Avi kept on talking about Amrita that day long. He heads to leave, but Amrita stops her and says thanks to make her realize as Avi didn’t tell her about it.

Dimple comes and asks about which nurse he selected? He tells her to drop the London girl, and call Vaijanti immediately. Dimple asks are you sure? He looks at Amrita and says yes.

Amrita drives her scooty home, and sees children asleep. She looks at Avinash’s photo and recalls what Karan had said. She says to the photo that she fell in love with him when in medical camp, when he saved the life of a child; everyone was hopeless but you weren’t. That was the day I started to love you. She hugs his photo.
Karan jogs in the morning, and does fitness exercise. In the hospital, ambulance brings a patient. Karan runs with the stretcher in his jogging vest and trousers. He says that this is Bittu uncle, does exercise with me in the park, had a stroke and we might have to do surgery. He tells Malika to look after his wife, and tells Amrita to take him to OT. He calls the other staff to come to OT too.

Amrita helps Karan dress up in surgical dress. Malika gets banana in a bowl, Amrita says that these are banana, as he has come directly from run; he must have some or will feel dizzy. Malika drapes Bobby in doctor’s clothes. Karan asks why is he wearing doctor’s clothes, he clarifies to Malika that he is nurse Bobby. Malika and Mehr talk what happened in OT about Bobby. Bobby comes there, Mehr greets him. He asks is there any male locker room. Malika says that there is only one for doctor. Mehr says that they are all leaving, he must change here. She appreciates his work too.

Karan and Dimple discuss whether to go to Sangeet of Dr. Kitty. Amrita comes inside and asks Karan to see the file. Dimple says I told you it must be staff’s leave. She says it is duty list, to change shifts so that all the staff must attend the function. Karan signs it. Dimple asks will he go. Amrita says that Dr. Gill invited everyone personally. Dimple says she would make up something and leaves. Amrita says to Karan that he will like it if everyone will go. He excuses.

The nurses discuss why Karan isn’t interested in function. Amrita says that he won’t come, he is stubborn; from the first day.

Malika says to Mehr that she has some idea for that Dr. They discuss it.
Bobby denies, but she bucks up.

Amrita asks Khushi that she won’t go on the function too. What about the dress she got ready. Khushi says to stay with dadi. Amrita says that they must rest her too, she is leaving tomorrow. Khushi complains dadi mama aloud that their mummy doesn’t want them to stay with her; they won’t get a chance again. Mrs. Kapoor comes and takes her phone. Amrita was saying that I didn’t say so… Mrs. Kapoor says strictly, that children will stay here today she will get them dropped tomorrow. Amrita says yes. Khushi tells Amrita to say congrats to Gill uncle from their side. Amrita is saddened while Khushi dances with happiness.

Karan checks Bittu, when he looks for something. Amrita comes dressed up in a saree. Karan is left looking at her, when she gives him the strethscope and asks this is what he was looking for. He asks you didn’t leave. She says she thought about checking Bittu uncle. He says that he will check him again. She asks that you aren’t coming? He says that he isn’t fond of such things. She says that no one will give any punishment there, sometimes one should do something for other’s happiness as well. She takes a leave but he stops her, takes her earpins from the pocket and hands them to her. She looks at him skeptically. He says that saree’s look isn’t complete without ear pins, wear these as these were for patient Avinash. He says he will manage. She denies taking them, but he says sometimes one should do something for others too. He places them on her hands and leaves saying that these were for three days only. She comes behind him, he says he isn’t going. She says she isn’t asking him to go, she has to discuss an idea with him. She says that she was thinking about starting a fund for patients. He goes frustrated that she can never be practical. She stops him and says that this is storage place, to keep sufficient items, meaning this is a saving account for patients.

She says that the families of patients can donate anything into it, so that it can come in use of a needy patient. Karan laughs, and says that they will say to patient that you must also contribute to other patients along with their owns. She says that people will give the funds according to their own will; further the doctors and nurses will also contribute. She says it will work, but he wasn’t sure. She gets Dr. Gill’s call, and assures she is leaving for his place. She was just asking Dr. Karan for something. Karan says that he will think about it, but he isn’t promising. She prays that Karan agrees about it.

PRECAP: Amrita dances in the function.

Update Credit to: Sona

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