Hamari Sister Didi 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Everyone watches Amrita read the letter, she gets teary and goes inside saying she will eat later. Khushi holds her head. Amrita comes inside, sits on the bed re reading the letter. She wonders why she found it now, what do you want to say Avi. The letter said, ‘Dear Amu when you will find the letter I will be away. I learnt from a nurse that happiness has to be snatched in the world, he is asking her not to let of fell short and share it with someone else in life. I am yours and will remain yours ever. Your love, Avi’. She cries with the letter, when Mrs. Kapoor observes her for a while and comes to her. She asks what happened, children are so worried. Amrita cries hard, Mrs. Kapoor recognizes Avi’s letter. Amrita asks has she read it, Mrs. Kapoor says the truth it that she read it quite earlier but couldn’t gather courage to talk to her. Amrita asks did he talk to her. Mrs. Kapoor denies, and says he wrote it in the letter, he must have an idea what she will have to go through in life; it’s her time to listen to what he is trying to say to her, she must understand what he is trying to say. Mrs. Kapoor leaves Amrita crying.
Amrita asks what do you want to say, do you want me to move on in life forgetting you. This isn’t possible, please don’t ask this from me, I can’t do this. She recalls Avi and herself together.
In Muskaan, Dimple asks Karan about the plan further, she says she was an expert in making girls jealous. She gets up to leave, when they watch Amrita come with a file. Karan holds her hand, Amrita gives him a file, he asks her to check it first, takes Dimple by shoulder and leave.
Karan’s phone rings then, Karan had left so Amrita watches the caller. It was Khushi, she picks up the call. Khushi was nervous, and speaks that mama has got the letter he wrote from her papa’s name, she couldn’t tear it. She is worried even if her plan of jealousy with Dimple will work or not, she asks Karan to respond. Amrita says she has hurt her to maximum. Khushi is shocked and take Mrs. Kapoor and Sooraj to hospital.
Karan and Dimple were on reception. Amrita comes downstairs, and accuse Karan of using her children and about going so down. Mehr comes calling Babay. Amrita says he calls himself Avi’s friend but wrote letter from his name, why is he playing with her emotions like this. Will she start loving him this way. Babay stops Amrita, she says she doesn’t know what he has done. Babay says she knows about it, Amrita asks what. Amrita says this man has dragged her children being so mean. Babay says he did it all for her.
Karan asks Babay not to get into it. Babay says she asked him to do this all, Mehr says Karan alone isn’t mistaken. Karan stops them all, Malika says they are all included in it. Amrita asks who gave them all this right to decide that she needs to move in life, she considered them all as hers. Mrs. Kapoor comes and says it isn’t a betrayal, they are all concerned about her happiness. She says he asked them to write this letter. Amrita asks does she want her to give Avi’s place to someone. Mrs. Kapoor says it isn’t about giving place of Avi to someone, she know her son well, wherever he must be he would never want her to spend her life alone. She asks what is wrong in marrying Karan. Babay also says to Amrita to look into it, Khushi says Karan always want good for them. Sooraj says Karan loves them all, he saved him and didi, hadn’t he been there he must also not be safe. Babay tells Amrita life is hugging her again, why is she turning her face. Khushi asks her to agree, Mrs. Kapoor says they all want this. Sooraj also says please. Amrita goes inside; Karan stops Mrs. Kapoor to go behind her. He says he doesn’t want her to forcefully love her; he loves them all and is thankful to them for helping him. But this is enough now.
Amrita comes to Avi’s photo crying. Karan comes there and asks her to listen to him. She asks him to leave her alone. He begins to say but she stops him. He asks her to listen once, says I am sorry and I have forgotten for how many times I have said this to you. He says he didn’t think about her and just thought she would say yes to her proposal. He is going away for forever, no one will ever hurt her again. She must forget, it’s all over and she is free. He smiles, and leaves. Amrita loses control, sits on the chair and watches him go.
Outside everyone asks Karan why is he going. Babay says is he lying, he isn’t leaving them as he can’t accept defeat. Karan turns and says he is going Babay. Everyone cries.
Amrita was crying, inside.
Karan says he doesn’t deserve here, he thought someone else’s place as his but now the misconception has been removed. Sooraj asks him not to go, Dimple also holds his arm and asks him not to go. Karan says to her that he has lost. He leaves them all crying.

PRECAP: The police comes to arrest Karan, the girl accused him of calling her to his home and harassing her.

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