Hamari Sister Didi 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khushi and Sooraj give a gift to dadi mama. She opens it, it is a cooking book. She says this means, dadi doesn’t cook good food. Sooraj says he was just saying, by the way. Dadi mama accepts that she herself can’t eat her own food. The kids say she must learn. They select what to cook today. Amrita watch them, and smiles.
Amrita comes to Avi’s photo, and says that today his dream has fulfilled, mummy ji thinks of herself as a part of this family. Today their family has been completed.
At night, Amrita wonders why the electricity bills are so high. She tells the children why the bill is so high. Sooraj says dadi mama’s lights are always on, her geyser is always on, and she was also thinking about getting a room heater. Amrita asks them to take care. Khushi asks if she says this to dadi mama, but Amrita says she will see to it. Khushi asks Amrita for maths tuitions. Amrita asks if she has an idea about the fee. Khushi says it is fifty thousands per year for all subjects. Amrita asks her to take only maths tuitions, but Khushi makes a bad mood. Amrita promises her to get the tuitions, but is worried.
In the morning, on scooty Amrita prays that the kids are grown up now and so are the expenses. He asks Baba ji to take care of her. Amrita notices Neha standing on the road side, she goes to her. Neha was lost, Amrita asks how is she. She offers to drop her. Neha was reluctant. Amrita says she doesn’t seem to be alright. Neha asks her to leave her alone. Neha requests her to leave her, and goes away. She begins to pant, and fell down on the floor. The ladies gather, Amrita runs to her.
Amrita brings Neha to hospital, and tells to take her to OT. She calls to inform her family, the lady picks the call and scolds her that she has no relation with her son now, she must not call her. Amrita says she is serious. The lady says her son’s life has ruined marrying an ill woman, they must let her die.

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Dimple asks Amrita why she brought her here. She say she said no to chemo therapy, as she had no funds. She says she will cut Amrita’s salary, if her funds doesn’t reach in time. Amrita comes changed. Mehr asks didn’t Malika tell her shift has changed. Amrita goes worried who changed it. She asks Babay who cancelled her shift, as her work is done by over time. She discusses her monetary problems with Babay, when Karan hears about them. He comes and says he cancelled the shift. He thought she is over worked, and might get rest, he is sorry. Amrita says it’s ok.
Neha shouts at the staff to leave her. Malika and Mehr stops her. Amrita comes there, and makes her lay down. She says she needs rest. Neha says she has in interview. Amrita says her job is more important that her job. Neha says here, a woman’s life isn’t necessary. Amrita says for her, her life and her health is very important. Dimple comes inquiring about the noise and hands her bills. Neha says she doesn’t has cash amount, but they must keep her watch. This is expensive, she can also give her jewellery. Amrita says her bill has been paid already. They all look at Amrita, she says someone from reception came and told her that her bills have been paid. She must keep the watch, as one must not give away one’s time. She gives Neha the medicine, and says she may leave as she is really courageous. Neha takes the medicine. Amrita asks her for the bag, and asks Neha to wear the watch. Neha stands to go, and feels dizzy. They hold her, Karan takes her to bed. Amrita tells him that he gave her sedative, as she needs rest.
Dimple comes again, and asks that her bills aren’t paid. Amrita says that Dimple has said she will cut from her salary, she must take it. She leaves, Karan follows her.
Amrita comes to corridor, Babay comes and asks how will she manage so many expenses. Amrita says what she can do, Neha got faint, her family made her leave home. Babay asks where will the money come from. She says she doesn’t know. They laugh. Karan comes and asks how will she manage it, the girl has cancer and she can’t afford it. Amrita says that everyone is just worried about the bill, and not her illness. Karan looks at them both, and says she is right. Some other medical professional must also have done the same.

PRECAP: Dimple prepares Neha to write a written complaint against nurse Amrita.

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