Hamari Sister Didi 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

amrita talks to Mrs. Kapoor that what was their need to get them gift, as she and Avi resolved that they will either get picnic or gift. Mrs. Kapoor says that she know how to bring up kids and disconnects the call. Karan talks on phone and tells her that Mr. Lalit is ok.
A lady asks that she doesnt have money. Amrita says that it isnt needed. She says that the boy gets fever after injection. Karan says the Amrita also gets fever. She teases that she is professional and his shirt might be ruined, so she must give the injection.
Lalit wakes up, and calls his secretary. Mehr also comes there. Lalit says that he appointed the security men without his permission, and the hospital is also prolonging his stay to make money. Mehr tells lalit to stop it else they will have to keep him in ICU. Lalit is worried for an increase, and promises to stay quiet. Mehr leaves while Lalit’s secretary says that he will get him discount. Lalit says if he doesnt get a discount, he won’t either get salary or get a job as ward boy here.
A girl fells down, and cries hard. Karan comes there, and holds the girl to the camp. He tells her not to breathe from nose, but from mouth. He asks the girl to hold his hand, He asks the people to go away, but Amrita tells him to stop. He tells the girl to breath out hard it doesnt help. Her mother is crying continuosly. Karan asks them to bring chilli smoke. He gives this smoke to the girl. She sneezes while the stone comes out. Amrita gives Karan victirious look. Her mother thanks him, while Amrita tells the people that he is a big doctor. He tells them that children’s nose bone isnt developed much, so they must take care that child must sneeze quickly. Amrita appreciates Karan’s idea.
Babay keeps a wake-up-night at home to pray. Vaijanti helps her, when Malika comes to her. While she was leaving, Bobby enters and hits her, she scolds her. Bobby had brought flowers for the prayer. Babay takes photo to send it to Amrita. The men come there, and say that they will have to come at night.
The head asks Amrita and Karan that how will they leave. Amrita says they will go by scooty, the way they had come. The head says that they will get late, as they have arranged a Kabadi match, specially for them. They must stay here, and asks the men to make the best arrangements. They serve samosas which he takes with a bad mood.
The suspected men watches Lalit. Mehr tells him that he is alright. Lalit says he isnt alright, and whatever is happening here isnt good, and asks about Karan. Mehr says that he will come tomorrow morning, and Dr. Mehra is here. Lalit says Karan had promised to take care of his security personally. Veer comes there and says that he must leave it to them. Lalit shouts that how much security personell are there. Veer tells him that he is out, and nothing will happen to him.
In the village, the men take Karan along, dancing. He says he doesnt know how to play. The match begins. There were two teams, Ardaspura and Rajpura. THe men of one team challenge the others. Karan says he is here to watch. Amrita says the ladies are there to watch, and buck them up. Karan says he doesnt know how to play. The villager expalins him the game. Amrita says he can’t play it, in challenging style. Amrita tells him to be careful, she shows the men his fingers which are so neat and manicured. She teases that he must sit with the ladies. Karan accepts the challenge, and takes off his shirt. Karan tells the head to get the lassi prepared, he will drink after playing and asks which team to play in. Amrita still teases him to be careful.

Precap: The men get Karan while he struggles to get to his line. Amrita holds her head and is worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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