Hamari Sister Didi 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mrs Kapoor tells Amrita she had a meeting with a board member, she didn’t want to leave children alone if she has a problem. Amrita says she doesn’t have. Mrs. Kapoor with children leave, Karan asks Mehr about his patients, Babay also leaves to change. Amrita asks Babay which guests came to her, Babay asks guest? Amrita asks Mehr that she said she had guests, Babay says she had relatives not guests at home. Amrita suspects, Mehr smiles at her and takes phone off her hand. Mehr’s phone rings, she leaves. Amrita wonders why is everyone behaving so funny.
Mrs. Kapoor tells Khushi to write the letter, she will dictate. She says ‘Dear Amrita, I hope you are fine’. Khushi says it seems old fashioned, and writes by herself, Hi Ammu, what’s up. Karan asks Khushi to try as no one knows Avi better than him. He writes the letter.
Khushi reads, Dear Amrita, you are filled with love, it will get wasted if you contain it, you need to spread and distribute it around you. She must share his love with someone, he is hers and will always remain so. Khushi cries, readying. Mrs. Kapoor and everyone wipes their tears. Khushi says this is perfect. Mrs. Kapoor says they need to think how to bring give it to Amrita, Khushi and everyone is shocked to see Dimple standing on the door. She leaves the room, Karan goes behind her. She had a parcel in hand saying I love you Karan. He is shocked to see it, Dimple says I am sorry she didn’t know it had got so far. She cries, and leaves. Everyone comes out, Babay says she will make a huge drama of it. Khushi asks him to stop her, he says she won’t do anything. Mrs. Kapoor says when one is angry he doesn’t know what to do or say. Karan comes behind Dimple, who had called Amrita. Karan comes there and says she is his friend. She says she is no one to anyone. She says mistake is hers, she had hopes with him. He says he knows, he never used it wrongly. She tells him to go, but he says she needs her help. She asks for getting Amrita’s love, she was crying. He says in college it was her, Avi and him but now only two of us are left. He says he never looked at her with such an eye, but he is sorry to hurt her. She says she is sorry, she was crying. He says she is still his favorite girl and will she help him get his love. She smiles, saying off course. He hugs her, Amrita watches this, and leaves. Karan observes her in the mirror, notices jealousy in her eyes and doesn’t let go of her. She says she was the one who could help. He says it is working, he wishes she looks back to him. On the stairs, Amrita turns to look back. Karan and Dimple cheer. Dimple cries when Karan has left.
In the room, Babay was worried as she walks around the room that Dimple will create a problem. Karan comes there, shocked. He says he doesn’t believe it, is he dreaming. Babay hits him on leg, he comes to the world and tells them that mission jealousy has been accomplished. He says Amrita felt jealous looking at him and Dimple. Karan says they no more need to use the letter now, she must tear it. She says ok, and asks Mrs. Kapoor the time. They all head to leave.
In Karan’s cabin, the actress comes in and puts her arms around Karan’s neck. She asks her for one date. He asks her to go, Amrita hears this. The lady asks if he is denying her. He tells her politely he loves another girl. The girl asks if she loves him, he shouts that it is none of her problem. Amrita leaves too.
Khushi was reading the letter, Mrs. Kapoor asks her to tear it. Khushi says Karan uncle has written it so well. Amrita comes home, Khushi hides the letter behind her. She places it in a drawer behind her but is unable to close the drawer properly. She says hi to Amrita, and tells her to change as she is really hungry. Sooraj says Dimple asked her to eat then why didn’t she. Amrita turns to ask when did Dimple meet them. They are shocked. Khushi says she was in hospital, forced them to have meal with them. Mrs. Kapoor says she was saying it with much love that it has been so long she didn’t invite her home for tea. Amrita says Dimple doesn’t ask anyone for water without her interest. Mrs. Kapoor says she has been very good with her since the times of college. Sooraj tells her that she has even given the chocolate to him for her. Amrita says to Mrs. Kapoor that the Dimple she knows and the Dimple they know is different. Mrs. Kapoor says that for her position in hospital she needs to be strict, and what did she snatch from her that she be so rude to her. Amrita goes inside, they all cheer victoriously.
Amrita comes into the room, worried about Karan’s confession, her moments with him. She thinks it is good Karan is involved with someone, as everyone expects from her. No one is thinking about Avi, she is Avi’s wife- Mrs. Avinash Kapoor.
The children invites Amrita to table, she looks at the drawer open and finds the typed letter in it. She takes it and reads it, everyone is disturbed at once. Amrita looks at them all, Khushi looks quizzically at Mrs. Kapoor.

PRECAP: Amrita gives Karan a file of ICU patient, he asks her to check if first and asks Dimple to go placing hand on her shoulder. Khushi calls Karan’s number, Amrita picks it. Khushi spits all the plans to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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