Hamari Sister Didi 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khushi tells her truth, that she believe in Kabir’s lie. Amrita hears this all, and asks the guard about the announcement room. Khushi was saying that they must always help others, but with open eyes. She must have told an elder, Kabir and his friends got addicted but she has learnt a lot from her mistake. Because of her, her mama was insulted, her papa’s name was ruined, her friend is endangered; her mama always says there is a big lesson behind every mistake. She is happy, that she is fulfilling her friendship and promises she is opening a centre in school. She will tell them about drug abuse, and Muskan hospital will help her in that, and this is the true lesson of her life. Everyone claps for her, Karan also does. Khushi looks at Karan. The principal comes to Amrita standing out, he congratulates Amrita that she isn’t alone now, it is good that she has got a support. Amrita doesn’t understand what he is talking about, then hears Khushi hugging Karan saying thank you. Khushi looks at her, waves her and runs out. The children clap when Khushi comes out, she laughs saying thankyou to them all and hugs Amrita happily. Karan also comes there. Amrita says she read her letter, and came here. Khushi says Karan gave her the courage, and tells that he brought her here. Amrita introduces Karan with Principal. The principal apologizes, but Amrita says it is ok, Karan kept the respect of friendship. The principal says Khushi needed a lot of courage. Karan says she has a lot of courage, like her mother. The principal takes a leave, Sooraj comes hugging and tells Khushi that everyone is calling Khushi brave. Amrita laughs, watching her kids. The bell rings, Amrita tells her kids to go inside.
Karan asks to drop Amrita home, she says she came on scooty and is going hospital. Karan follows her, and tells her about Khushi’s hiding story. He notices Amrita was lost. Amrita thinks about what principal had said, and asks what happened. Amrita says she has to talk to Khushi’s teacher, Karan says he will also come along. Amrita says Khushi is her daughter, she knows what she has to say to her. Karan insists, but Amrita says he must leave. Karan says ok. Amrita thinks sorry, she doesn’t want to keep their relation false. Before, this is even said in hospital, she must make a distance from him.
Karan comes to hospital. In his cabin, he finds Khushi’s geometry box. Dimple comes to his room, and reminds that his patients have been waiting for half an hour. Dimple argues, but Karan says Amrita! Then corrects himself at Dimple, one must never complicate what can be solved easily. He leaves. Dimple says it has been complicated already.
In the hospital, Babay brings tea for Amrita. Amrita read Neha’s file, Babay closes it and says there is no sweet in the tea, and she is still drinking it.
Karan comes to the patient, and discusses about football with the boy. Malika feels awed. Karan tells the boy not to play, right now as his leg is a bit tender.
Amrita tells Babay the whole story, about Karan and Khushi. Babay says they are kids, and what is her problem if he cares about them. Amrita says they are her kids, why is her trying to intervene in their matters. Babay says this isn’t the real problem, Amrita says she doesn’t understand what to do; it doesn’t seem to be good. Babay caresses her.
Karan finds Khushi’s geometry case, he thinks this is Khushi’s, she must have forgiven and will get tensed. He goes looking for Amrita.
Malika tells Babay and Amrita, that Karan involved Rehan so much into his talks that he forgot his plaster is being cut. She says this is all because of Amrita. Malika says that company matters a lot. Amrita dislikes and scolds her.
Amrita asks for Neha Sharma’s file, and looks for it. She says there is no number on it. Karan knocks the door, Amrita doesn’t talk to him. He asks if everything is ok. He says Khushi left her geometry; she says thanks and tells to keep them. He asks her to help with the file. She says she know how to do her work.

PRECAP: Amrita calls Neha’s home, but her mother in law says she doesn’t care if she dies. Neha comes to office in serious condition. Dimple questions Amrita who would pay for her bills.

Update Credit to: Sona

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