Hamari Sister Didi 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Khushi tells Karan to meet in canteen at lunch break, he promises to come there.
Amrita wonders where has Babay been, Mehr and Malika come to her for lunch. Amrita goes to call Babay, Amrita says they don’t do lunch without her. Mehr says she has guests at home. Amrita says she can wait for her, but Malika says Babay has called Poori-kachori at home. Amrita asks how do they know. Mehr asks her to leave it.
Karan says to them that he doesn’t think it is going to work, they must give Amrita time. Khushi says they will make a plan and he will need to follow it. They all make him up, he asks Khushi about the plan. Khushi says it is jealousy, like in movies the hero doesn’t give time to the heroine and values someone else. This is what he needs to do to her mama.
Babay and Karan tell Khushi to end these movies she watches. Khushi says to Karan he is being a papa since now, Karan smiles and apologizes. Babay says love can’t be enforced, Karan agrees. Mrs. Kapoor says this will happen if she let this feeling come in her heart, she has closed all her doors to heart. She asks Khushi to think about some other idea. Khushi says the patient doesn’t know what is good for the patient, only a doctor knows; they want to tell mama what is good for her. They will give mama vit L. She says now starts, mission L.
Amrita comes across Karan on the reception, everyone notices. She moves on, and goes to the reception. Karan thinks she is ignoring him in a way that she will think it is good that the problem has gone. A nurse comes to him, the nurse says to Babay that Dr. Karan is a good man. Babay asks if she wants to marry him, the nurse says she is aged now else she must have married him. Amrita asks Mausi has she losted. Mehr tells Amrita all the hospital wants to marry this man, she asks Amrita to watch him. A nurse comes to Karan for file, and asks if there is some other work. Karan says no, she may go. Amrita murmurs that everyone has gone crazy. A young lady comes to tell Karan she likes him a lot and has been waiting for him for quite long.
She moves her finger down Karan’s arm. Karan asks the lady to rest, but the lady asks her to get rest. The lady asks if he is free, they can have coffee in the canteen. Karan tells her to go to ward and take rest. The lady asks Karan to come along as she feels afraid, she slips and Karan holds her. The wait for Amrita to look around, but Dimple comes there. She asks the lady who she is, if she has consulted she may leave. The lady says she is admitted here. Dimple asks what is it, Amrita leaves and so does Karan.
Mehr gets a call, it is Khushi. Khushi asks Mehr if something happened. Mehr says nothing, they get sad.
Babay comes to Amrita and says how that patient lingered on Karan. Amrita says it is good, atleast this will make others life easier. Karan hears this, Mehr and Malika come there. Karan says he told them nothing will happen, Mehr says girls never show their love so soon. Karan says there is no hope. Mehr says patience is always fruitful. Karan says he has solved bigger problems in people’s life, will he accept defeat so soon. He laughs.
The lady comes to Karan in his cabin, she comes to him and hugs him. He says she is forgetting she is acting, but she didn’t get anything even. Karan tells her to go, but she asks for coffee. Amrita hears this, Karan was saying he isn’t that kind of man and she may leave.
In the morning, Amrita tells the children to take their books out after breakfast. Sooraj says it is off today. Amrita says exams are beginning soon. Khushi points at him to let her go soon. Sooraj agrees, Amrita is worried. Khushi says Sooraj has promised to top in the class, Amrita says if he keeps on saying this her mama won’t be able to stay safe. Karan and Babay were hiding besides the wall. Mrs. Kapoor sends Amrita out, and they both run inside but Amrita feels someone going inside. She jerks the feeling and goes for hospital. Babay teases Karan he was so afraid, he says was he or she was afraid. Mrs. Kapoor asks what happened yesterday. Karan says he told them, she won’t be affected and they must think about another idea. Sooraj says idea, they hear intently but he says no idea. Khushi says they must all think together.
In the hospital, Dimple is worried she must do something to Karan. First Amrita then nurses and now the new patient, she must do something to save Karan from these girls. Mehr and Malika watched her and comments that she seems to have gone crazy. Dimple comes out of her room and hits Amrita, she scolds Amrita that she is already out of control. Amrita asks the girls what has happened to her, they say she was half crazy before and now has gone full crazy. Amrita asks about Babay, Mehr and Malika say she is at home as she has guests. Amrita calls saying she must have informed her. Mehr says if she will call, Babay will be embarrassed in front of her guests. Amrita agrees and leaves.
Mrs. Kapoor says to them all that Amrita is living with the memories of Avi for so long, she might be thinking this will be unfair to Avi. Babay says they all know about Dr. Avi, he also wanted her to stay happy but who can make her understand. Mrs. Kapoor says what if they create a letter from Avi. Sooraj asks how will they copy his hand writing, Khushi says she will write one. Khushi says their computer isn’t working, Babay asks her to go to hospital. Mrs. Kapoor says it isn’t safe, but Babay says Amrita won’t have time she must be doing her duty as well.
In the hospital, Amrita asks Mehr about Babay. Mehr says she must just be coming. Amrita leaves the counter when everyone enters. Amrita comes back and asks what they people are doing here.

PRECAP: Amrita watches Karan hugging the lady in his cabin, she was disturbed as he said he loves her.

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